True and ZTE launch joint innovation centre

  • True and ZTE have jointly established the True & ZTE Innovation Center at True Digital Park in Bangkok.
  • The Joint Innovation Center offers endless possibilities, including ultra-high-capacity, optical networks, 5G wireless coverage, AI technology, Smart Factory, and various 5G applications.

Bangkok, Thailand - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, together with True Corporation, Thailand's leading Telecom-tech company, have jointly launched the True & ZTE Innovation Center at True Digital Park in Bangkok. The innovative collaboration between True and ZTE will inject new vitality into Thailand's digital transformation.

The True & ZTE Innovation Center aims to provide advanced digital solutions to Thai society and enterprises through technological, business, enterprise digital, and business model innovation. This will drive Thailand's competitiveness in the global digital economy and jointly contribute to implementing Thailand's digital strategy, serving Thailand's digital strategy and social digital transformation.

Mr. Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation Plc, said, "Walking through the Innovation Center, you must have witnessed a large variety of cutting-edge digital products and solutions, which will play an important role in further promoting Thailand's digitalization process and beyond." "We look forward to close collaboration beyond the excellent relationship with ZTE to provide wireless and wired networks. The cooperation shows how we join force to provide cutting-edge digital products and solutions, which will play an important role in promoting Thailand's digitalisation process, providing good support for regional digitalisation and reliable business environment. We therefore must efficiently capitalise on the Joint Innovation Center, which offers endless possibilities. Chief among them are: ultra-high-capacity, optical networks, 5G wireless coverage, AI technology, Smart Factory, and various 5G applications."

Mr. Li Zixue, Chairman and Executive Director of ZTE Corporation, said, "Thailand is the most important strategic market for ZTE. We are very honoured to be an important partner of True. The two sides support each other and develop together. We will continuously provide excellent wired and wireless network solutions, with comprehensive support of the highest priority. Today, in the event of the establishment of this Joint Innovation Center, we hope the cooperation between ZTE and True can become a benchmark and the model for digital cooperation between China and Thailand, to work together and create the cutting-edge digital network in Thailand, to develop Thailand's digital economy and bring benefits to Thai people."

As part of the centre, ZTE and True will explore and apply the latest communication technologies, including Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS), network AI autonomy, extreme green and efficient networks, cloud IP, and portable industry core i5GC. This collaboration aims to provide efficient and reliable communication infrastructure for Thai enterprises to meet the needs of Thailand's digital strategy.

Currently, enterprise digital innovation is one of the centre's core objectives. Through cooperation, True and ZTE will provide tailor-made innovative solutions, including digital factories, intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, intelligent logistics, AI machine vision applications, and frontline operational safety management. These solutions aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance production quality, helping enterprises achieve digital transformation and increase their competitiveness in the global market.

Furthermore, smart homes and smart living are also focal points of the innovation centre. By applying AI technology and innovative solutions, the centre aims to provide more convenient and intelligent experiences for personal and family life. Products such as smartphones, gaming phones, smart wearable devices, health trackers, glasses-free 3D tablets, cloud computers, WiFi 7 home routers, whole-home fiber optics, smart speakers, and smart home videos offer convenient living experiences. The users can remotely control lighting, temperature, curtains, televisions, air conditioners, and other household appliances using voice assistants or smartphones. In addition, the centre offers personalized services and automated scenario settings based on environmental perception and user behavior so that life, learning, and residence can be more comfortable, safe, and convenient.

In collaboration with local ecosystem partners, the joint innovation centre will thrive in the industry ecosystem through technological innovation, business innovation, enterprise digital innovation, and business model innovation. Additionally, the centre will display innovative products, demonstrate innovative solutions, test new technologies, and cultivate digital skills and capabilities. ZTE will work hand in hand with True to embrace the bright future of digital society in Thailand, a vigorous, beautiful and colorful country.

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