TelecomTV and TeleSemana forge partnership to enhance video syndication in the LATAM market

London, UK and Buenos Aires, Argentina: TelecomTV, market-leading provider of video-based news, analysis and events to the global telecom industry, is joining forces with TeleSemana, Latin America’s pre-eminent telecommunications news and analysis provider, to form a strategic partnership with a specific focus on video syndication in the Latin American (LATAM) market. This collaboration aims to leverage their strengths and expertise to deliver compelling video content and expand its reach within the region.

Video has become an increasingly powerful medium for information dissemination and audience engagement. Recognising the immense potential of video syndication, TelecomTV and TeleSemana have joined forces to bring the latest and most relevant telecommunications industry insights directly to the LATAM market. Through this partnership, they will provide a comprehensive and diverse range of video content tailored to the specific interests and needs of the LATAM audience.

The syndication of video content into the LATAM market will enable TelecomTV and TeleSemana to reach a broader audience and establish a stronger presence in the region. By joining forces, they will curate and distribute high-quality video content, including interviews, event coverage, expert discussions, and industry analysis. This collaborative effort will ensure that the LATAM audience receives timely and valuable insights from industry leaders and experts from all regions.

“Our partnership with TeleSemana signifies a significant step in our commitment to serving the LATAM market with top-notch video content,” said Sean Carr, CEO of Decisive Media, TelecomTV's parent company.  “We understand the growing demand for video-based news and analysis, and through this collaboration, we aim to provide the LATAM audience with unparalleled access to thought-provoking and engaging content. Together, we can enrich the telecommunications media landscape in the region.”

Juan Giminez, CEO at TeleSemana stated, “We are excited to partner with TelecomTV to bring video insights from across all regions to the LATAM market. This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise and resources to deliver high-quality video content that caters to the specific interests and requirements of our LATAM audience. By syndicating video content, we can foster greater industry knowledge, facilitate networking opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the telecommunications sector in the region.”

The partnership between TelecomTV and TeleSemana in video syndication underscores a joint commitment to delivering comprehensive and relevant content to the LATAM market. By sharing knowledge, resources and networks, both organisations aim to elevate the telecommunications media landscape in the region and provide valuable insights that support industry growth and innovation.

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