Rakuten Mobile launches Japan's first-ever data SIM available with a one-click application

Tokyo, Japan – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the launch of Japan's first-ever*1 data SIM available through a one-click application process, the "Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type)." Available as of July 3, 2023, this new plan allows Rakuten Card customers to apply with just one click and start using the service in as little as three minutes, granting them instant access to the internet and SMS messaging*2*3*4. In addition, customers will be able to enjoy up to the equivalent of 3GB of data for the first month essentially free by entering the point reward campaign marking the launch of the new plan.

Customers will be able to apply for the new plan via the Rakuten Mobile official site, Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Pay, Rakuten Card and other Rakuten Group apps and home pages starting from today*5.

As with the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan, monthly fees range from 980 yen (1,078 yen including tax) for monthly data usage of up to 3GB, 1,980 yen (2,178 yen including tax) for usage of more than 3GB and up to 20GB, and 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax) for unlimited usage over 20GB. From fall 2023, Rakuten Mobile also plans to introduce an easy upgrade process from the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) to the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan.

Rakuten Mobile is committed to continually enhancing customer experience and expanding its range of services, with initiatives such as the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type), allowing customers to try out the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan experience, and further simplification of the mobile application process.

Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) Official Site (Japanese) 

Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) Application & Survey Reward Campaign – First Month 3GB Data
Essentially Free

Campaign period:
Start Date for Rakuten Mobile official site: 11 a.m. on Monday, July 3, 2023 until date to be determined.
Customers who complete the survey after applying for the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) will receive 1,081 Rakuten Points back, making the first month of service up to 3GB of data usage essentially free*7*8*9.

*1 Applications made by smartphone. Comparison of the 4 carriers and 25 major MVNO brands, as of June 16, 2023. Research by Stella Associa.
*2 Certain conditions apply for one-click application, such as payment with Rakuten Card and the customer being over 18 years old. Refer to the official site for details.
*3 Those applying for the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) can only use data. Calls are not available.
*4 When using the latest version of the app.
*5 Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Pay (iOS only), and Rakuten Card offer applications through their respective apps. For other Rakuten Group service apps, customers can apply from the official Rakuten Mobile site by tapping the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) banner displayed in the app. Application via the Rakuten Pay (Android) app will be available soon. From August 2023, select Rakuten Mobile Shops will begin offering the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type). Respective apps needs to be the latest version.
*6 Some phone numbers do not apply. Calls cost 22 yen per 30 seconds when not using the app (includes tax).
*7 Includes 1 point for universal service fee and 2 points for telephone relay service fee.
*8 Points are awarded around the end of the month following two months after use of the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (Data Type) and completion of the survey is confirmed. Points awarded are limited time points.
*9 The campaign is subject to change, cancellation or extension without notice.

*iOS trademarks are used under license from Cisco in the United States.
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