NetNumber Announces Industry’s Most Comprehensive STIR/SHAKEN Solutions

NetNumber Guaranteed Caller™ Restores Trust in the Public Phone Network

LOWELL, Mass. — Aug. 11, 2020 — NetNumber announced today the availability of its Guaranteed Caller™ family of standards-compliant STIR/SHAKEN solutions, the most comprehensive in the industry. STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Secure

Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens) allows communication service providers (CSPs) to digitally sign calls from known trusted callers in a way that cannot be tampered with as the call flows through the network. Guaranteed Caller extends the company’s previous solutions to address all commonly known trusted-call scenarios, enabling legitimate callers to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN trust network while locking out fraudulent callers.

According to GlobalData and TrueCaller research, U.S. consumers receive over 200,000 unwanted calls per minute—and nearly half are illegal scams, which cost consumers more than $10.5B. As a result, trust in the public telephone network has declined to the point where nearly 90% of consumers decline calls from unknown numbers or caller IDs. The U.S. government TRACED Act requires that STIR/SHAKEN be implemented in IP networks by June 30, 2021 and other governments are expected to follow with similar requirements.

“The availability of standards-based STIR/SHAKEN solutions from suppliers like NetNumber is an important step in eliminating fraudulent calls and restoring trust amongst public telephone network users, said Jim Hodges, chief analyst, Heavy Reading.”

The NetNumber Guaranteed Caller family consists of five STIR/SHAKEN-based solutions:

  • Guaranteed Caller National – implements the national level infrastructure needed to administer a country-level STIR/SHAKEN trust network.
  • Guaranteed Caller Service Provider – implements the functionality of signing and verifying known trusted calls, allowing service providers to ensure that the calls of their legitimate subscribers travel inside the STIR/SHAKEN network of trust.
  • Guaranteed Caller TDM-SHAKEN – extends Guaranteed Caller Service Provider to provide support for TDM/SS7 networks.
  • Guaranteed Caller Enterprise – extends the STIR/SHAKEN trust network to enterprises so that they can sign their calls with their company name, their corporate logo and the reason for their call.
  • Guaranteed Caller International – extends the STIR/SHAKEN trust network to CSPs outside of North America that terminate calls into the US and Canada.

“NetNumber has been at the forefront of delivering real-time fraud prevention solutions to protect consumers from emerging threats,” explained Matt Rosenberg, chief revenue officer, NetNumber. “We are proud to play an active and leading role in several industry bodies to define new approaches like those we are announcing today.”

The solutions are available as NetNumber Cloud services, which can be rapidly deployed by a CSP. NetNumber has also innovated the Guaranteed Caller Cloud Connect Node to allow networks not enabled to interact with the cloud to access the full suite of Guaranteed Caller Cloud services via an in-network platform. The Cloud Connect network-based element seamlessly interworks existing network signalling with the Guaranteed Caller Cloud services. Cloud Connect and the Guaranteed Caller family of products can be tailored to fit almost any CSP network and budget.

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