IP Fabric announces $25M Series B funding

NEW YORK – IP Fabric, the market leader in automated network assurance, today announced that it has closed a $25m Series B funding round led by One Peak with the participation of Senovo and Presto Ventures. This will fuel IP Fabric’s mission of making network assurance ubiquitous so that people, businesses, and governments can operate without the exponential risk of network failures or outages.

IP Fabric is a pioneer in network assurance, helping organizations to overcome network complexity, assure network automation, and improve network security. Network assurance is becoming critical for managing private network infrastructure which combined globally is vastly larger than the Internet and forms the backbone of the modern economy. This infrastructure is now the foundation for every part of modern life, from our airports and factories to public utilities and financial systems.

However, rising complexity is making it much harder for humans to understand and manage networks. This makes network automation risky – automation without assurance will lead to unpredictability if organizations cannot see whether automation has had the intended effect, and that it hasn’t negatively impacted the rest of the network. Rising complexity also makes it impossible for organizations to identify and eliminate network vulnerabilities, creating multiple blind spots for attackers to potentially exploit. These challenges have created a perfect storm that is putting network resilience at risk.

“Without network assurance, we are leaving network resilience to chance,” comments Pavel Bykov, CEO, IP Fabric. “We've seen how network outages can cause businesses and critical infrastructure to grind to a halt, but amidst rising complexity and the need to ensure control in the face of rising cyber threats while adhering to regulatory compliance, enterprises lack the means to assure operations for their entire network end-to-end. IP Fabric delivers the network assurance needed to operate without the exponential risk of network failure or outages while enabling innovation through standardized access to network control data. Organizations must act now because building operational control without a validated baseline provided by network assurance will lead to gaps and unknown unknowns which ultimately cause outages and security incidents that impact people, businesses, critical infrastructure, and governments.”


IP Fabric is an API-first platform that rapidly discovers, models and visualizes complex networks down to the wire, giving end-to-end visibility and control over an organizations’ entire network infrastructure. IP Fabric was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Network Automation and came 8th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 with a CAGR of 160% over the past 4 years. Today, IP Fabric works with over a hundred enterprise customers globally, including Airbus, Air France, Major League Baseball, Red Hat, HCL Technologies, Avast and Blackberry.

“Enterprise networks are becoming increasingly complex, which makes the requirement to discover, model and visualize large networks a priority,” comments Humbert de Liedekerke, Co-founder and Managing Partner of One Peak. This is especially important, when, as Gartner has reported, only 26% of network leaders maintain accurate network data, massively hindering the effectiveness of automation initiatives for 74% of enterprises. Automation must be assured, secure and able to operate effectively in complex network environments. Enterprises can’t risk automating in the dark – networks are too important for guesswork that could expose vulnerabilities or cause outages. This is why IP Fabric’s unique ability to help enterprises understand, automate, and secure complex networks is so critical to enable the future of network automation.”

Prior seed and Series A investment rounds were conducted with SenovoPresto Ventures, and Credo Ventures.


IP Fabric is a powerful Intent-Based Networking technology enabling modern enterprise network operations. A vendor-neutral, API-first automated network assurance platform, IP Fabric discovers, verifies, visualizes, and documents large-scale networks holistically, reducing costs and resources while improving security and efficiency. Ensure smooth migration and transformation projects while simplifying network planning, testing, and troubleshooting. Eliminate business-impacting inefficiencies and continuously verify policy compliance with a standardized, consumable view of your multi-domain network, end to end. Accelerate and refine programmability, automation, and network analytics with accessible, accurate, and contextualized network data at your fingertips. IP Fabric helps organizations including Air France, Major League Baseball, Red Hat, HCL Technologies, Avast, and Blackberry overcome complexity, implement effective network automation, and improve network security. For more information, visit www.ipfabric.io

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