Infovista expands data-driven analysis capabilities to improve 5G network planning

Via Infovista

Jul 11, 2023

  • Planet 7.9 adds crowdsourced data KPI analysis, tree canopy and bridge modelling, and user-friendly analysis tools to help RF engineers make better 5G RAN planning decisions

Paris, France – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation, today announced Planet 7.9, bringing advanced data and analytics to mobile operators’ 5G network planning. With independent analyst research estimating that accurate mobile network planning can reduce a nationwide operator’s CAPEX by $2 billion over 10 years,* Planet 7.9 enables operators to plan 5G networks with increased accuracy and confidence. Planet’s unique direct integration to Accenture’s 5 billion daily umlaut crowdsourced data points has been enhanced to enable operators’ RAN engineers to make informed network planning decisions based on heatmaps of key network KPIs. Planet 7.9 ensures that an operator’s RF plan is based on the most accurate and comprehensive network performance data, how it varies hour-by-hour and day-to-day.

The latest version of Infovista’s AI-powered RF planning and optimisation solution also now includes vegetation canopy and bridge modelling for improved network design analysis. Canopy and suspended structure modelling is introduced to Planet 7.9 as part of AIM 3.0, the latest version of Planet’s AI-powered 3D propagation model. By precisely modelling trees according to factors such as trunk height, canopy height, and seasonal variations, Planet 7.9 significantly improves vegetation prediction accuracy, critical for modelling picocell and small cell coverage under tree canopies.

Planet 7.9 also improves network analysis in a number of areas including the ability to extract 2D statistics from 3D analysis for slice analysis at specific heights, network analysis template colour profiles to enable map updates at the click of a button and improved Google Earth and ESRI exports for network analysis outside of Planet.

“Planning a 5G network for all seasons and environments is easier said than done,” said Régis Lerbour, VP Product Management for RAN Engineering and Network Testing at Infovista“5G technologies like massive MIMO and beamforming, high-frequency mmWave spectrum, and the diverse environments demanding connectivity, all compound the challenge facing operators’ RF planners. New situations must now be considered. What happens in the summer when a tree is in-leaf? How high is a building and where is the coverage needed? And crucially, how does real subscriber experience map across to the RF plan? Planet 7.9 brings the full potential of AI-powered network planning with new datasets, modelling capabilities and user-friendly tools to empower RF planners to design 5G networks that don’t just hit KPIs but support business outcomes.”

Further detail on the major new features and enhancements to Planet 7.9 can be found in our What’s new in Planet 7.9 blog.

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