HCL Volt MX unleashes citizen development on a unified low-code platform

HCLSoftware announced today the expansion of HCL Volt MX, its industry-leading low-code multi-experience platform for professional developers, with proven citizen development capabilities. Volt MX now provides a persona-specific environment for citizen developers to build applications with IT governance, and work collaboratively with IT to expand engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints. Volt MX is the industry’s first platform to provide persona-specific, high-fidelity developer experiences – for both no-code and low-code – on a common platform with transparent pricing and no hidden costs.

Digital transformation can no longer be driven by IT alone. Business users are experts in their domain and closest to business challenges and opportunities. Equipped with development tools designed specifically for them, citizen developers help organisations harness their greatest asset to stay ahead of market changes and competition. However, the lack of citizen developer-specific features in traditional low-code tools creates steep learning curves, discouraging adoption by this important segment of the workforce.

“When you look closely, most solutions in the market cater only to the citizen or the professional developer,” said Richard Jefts, Executive Vice President, HCLSoftware. “I am excited to share that Volt MX is filling that gap in the market. By providing environments designed for citizen and professional development, teams can work autonomously, while also collaborating under a single platform to create apps and digitalise processes faster.”

Volt MX makes it possible to:

  • Enable any organisation to tackle their application development backlog and solve business problems at the speed their business demands.
  • Empower citizen developers with confidence, without compromising IT standards and best practices.
  • Upscale and enhance citizen-developed apps in minutes without rewrites.

“Citizen developers joining forces with IT can create a powerful combined effect where both groups work together to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions,” said Michele Rosen, Low Code/No Code Research Manager, IDC. “Citizen developers can leverage no-code or low-code platforms to build applications or automate processes to address their specific challenges. IT teams, on the other hand, provide oversight, governance, and technical expertise to ensure that the solutions developed by citizen developers align with the organisation's security standards, and compliance requirements. The collaboration between citizen developers and IT can lead to several benefits such as enhanced agility, better governance, and accelerated digital transformation.”

Volt MX supports the continuum of developers in the following ways:

Citizen development: Volt MX provides business users of all skillsets with a new experience for creating situational apps in a safe, governed environment using predefined IT resources tied to a common platform and backend services.

Professional development: Volt MX combines the speed and ease of low-code development with enterprise backend services such as integration and authentication to maximise developer productivity. Highlights include support for multi-experience apps on one code base, super and micro app development, and workflow and testing automation.

Business and IT collaboration: Volt MX provides a single platform for seamless collaboration between teams, allowing IT to easily extend apps built by business users while avoiding rewrites and technical debt at the start of the project. Professional developers can enhance citizen developer apps with the use of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to add new behaviours and styles or extend apps with complex functionalities or connectivity needs.

For more information about HCL Volt MX and our recent v9.5 release, please visit: https://www.hcltechsw.com/volt-mx

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