AIS SME strengthens cross-industry collaboration with its partners

  • AIS SME strengthens cross industry collaboration with its partners to enhance the Thai SME economy for growth, trust, and sustainability

Since AIS Business announced its 2023 strategies with a focus on delivering digital services and IT solutions that inspire confidence in addressing the challenges of customers’ sustainable growth, under the concept of ‘Growth, Trust, and Sustainability’, enterprise customers undergoing digital transformation. Currently, the company is continuing to leverage its strengths in deploying digital infrastructure, marketing tools, IT solutions, and intelligent network solutions, partnering with alliances from various industries to ensure growth opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the AIS concept of the economy ecosystem strategy, which comprises digital intelligence Infrastructure, cross-industry collaboration, human capital & sustainability.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS, commented, “SMEs have been identified as one of the crucial sectors for national economic growth. Thailand now has over 3.18 million small and medium-sized businesses, which make them one of the key economic drivers of the country, generating 34.2% of national GDP. Therefore, enhancing new business capabilities through digital transformation will equip SMEs with new weapons and tools that create opportunities and sustainable growth in the future.”

According to the analysis, most SME entrepreneurs are in need of tools or digital marketing platforms, e-commerce, or online trading platforms to leverage their capability to be more agile and reduce costs while expanding distribution outlets, customer bases and access to new market segments,. AIS Business understands these necessities and is willing to be a key engine supporting the growth of SME operators under the 7S strategy as follows:

  • AIS SME Mobile Services
  • AIS SME Internet Services
  • AIS SME Digital Marketing Services
  • AIS SME IT & Digital Solutions
  • AIS SME Full e-Services
  • AIS SME Special Privileges makes business easier with killer deals from AIS SME BIZ UP
  • AIS SME Strategic Partnership with both homegrown and international partners to support operators

In addition, AIS Business is also focusing its support on the four main industries of SME, i.e., commerce, manufacturing, service, and digital technology, in which AIS SME has prepared mobile packages for online SME merchants to utilize the Thung Ngern application or Tiktok at a lower cost and special packages for fixed broadband with CCTV.

Latest Services “Yellow B2B2C e-marketplace”, collaboration across industry between AIS and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). A latest B2B2C e-marketplace platform allowing SMEs to grow their businesses both B2B and B2C through, where the customer can easily search for products and services or post their request for products or services (RFQ Marketplace) so that the seller can offer their price immediately or conduct business negotiations through the chat channel. There are also a range of tools to conveniently allow users to do business from anywhere. FTI is also partnering these services by providing their members with a special package for these Yellow services.

Granting exclusive privileges from AIS Serenade and AIS Points to SMEs, AIS provides access to the privileges available to SME customers, including AIS SME BIZ UP program that provides exclusive updates of new trends and know-how, discounts for business goods or services from partners, e.g., services from startups under AIS The StartUp program is available to SMEs at a special rate, with discounts of up to 20% on the Shippop online shipping service, which is a platform supporting transportation services for SMEs to manage their logistics or documentation properly under the required formats and timeline. There is also services from Foodstory that allow restaurants to manage information from the storefront, stock management, and CRM systems that SME entrepreneurs can access at an exclusive price.

“We believe that nowadays, Thai SMEs have the potential to operate their businesses, which are collectively a key economic engine for the country. Therefore, having the right weapons and technology will take their efficiency of operations to the next level. AIS wants to be a reliable companion supporting SMEs along their growth to mutual sustainability, by deploying digital in their work processes and adapting it to their businesses, which will allow them the full potential of gaining a competitive edge,” concluded Mr. Tanapong.

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