AI, sport and cyber defence: Orange at Viva Technology 2023

  • The international event dedicated to start-ups is returning to the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles in Paris from June 14 to 17. The event hosts over 1,500 exhibitors and 1,200 start-ups, representing 30 countries.
  • For this 7th edition, Orange, the trade show’s longstanding premium partner, is pleased to once again present close to150 startups from its co-innovation ecosystem, as well as numerous exclusive demonstrations, conferences and talks.

Meeting the Orange directors 

On the main stage at Viva Technology 2023, on Wednesday June 14 at 12:15 pm, Hall 1, visitors are invited to attend the keynote by Christel Heydemann, Orange CEO, focused on the AI revolution: “Efficient, Ethical, Embedded: The New Era Powered by Generative AI.” The speech will focus on the advent of generative AI and the resulting new era of opportunity and risk. Working quickly to identify those risks and find innovative ways to maximise their benefits is a priority for our entire sector. Making AI an integral part of our systems will help us use it effectively and ethically. Combining the power of human and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly accelerate innovation and creativity, becoming a milestone that will affect the way we work, think, and live.

On Thursday June 15 at 2:00 pm, Hall 1, Hugues Foulon, Executive Director, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense, will introduce the session “Does privacy still exist?” Our lives have never been so dependent on digital technology. From the creation and development of social media where millions of users share details of their lives, to the blurring of the line between professional and public spaces during the pandemic, we are constantly generating and sharing data online. What best practices should we adopt to protect our online lives? How are companies making confidentiality a consideration central to their product and service design? And how are legal frameworks changing to keep pace?

On Thursday June 15 at 4:00 pm in Hall 2, Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO of Orange Events will participate in the session “How does sport connect with what matters to fans?” By creating social bonds, sport conveys values that Orange shares: bringing people together. The values of accessibility, inclusion and creating connections echo Orange’s role as a facilitator of technology for both sport and digital practices to ensure that as many people as possible can play and watch sport.

On Friday June 16 at 12:10 pm, Hall 1, Caroline Guillaumin, Executive Director of Communication at Orange, will take part in the session “Building brands for a better tomorrow.” A discussion on the commitment and responsibility of brands. What moral, social, and environmental commitments will a brand like Orange have in 2023?


Sportech and AI showcased on Orange stands

In line with the show’s Sportech theme, and just a few months before major sporting events such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Orange is listening to the needs of athletes and sports professionals by mobilizing external ecosystems and making its actions part of a virtuous co-innovation approach.
Among the 150 startups present, visitors will be able to discover three brand-new demonstrations:

  • ParaLive 
    To optimise sports performance and prevent health risks specific to para-athletes, the ParaLive project makes it possible to analyze their performance and physiology using IoT and AI. With BodyCAP technology (miniaturized wireless electronic capsules and on-board monitoring solutions), data is transmitted in real time, allowing the efforts of para-athletes to be adapted live, according to their physiology and physical conditions.
  • Volumetric 3D for fans 
    For a completely immersive experience, volumetric 3D for fans offers an personalised experience at sports events. Fans can move around the field and choose their viewing angle in real time while watching the event on their smartphone, tablet or VR headset. This technology uses motion capture, video processing from edge and cloud servers, ultra-realistic engines, and low-latency streaming.
  • Augmented Lineouts
    Thanks to volumetric capture and virtual reality, rugby players will be able to train on the touchline with “Touche Augmentée”. This solution allows to simulate different lineout scenarios, and replaying them at will, without physically mobilising the teams.


Orange believes that artificial intelligence will only be truly meaningful if it serves humanity and meets people's most basic everyday needs. That's why the company has decided to put AI at the heart of its innovation model to support the company's growth and its social and environmental purpose through three pillars: making networks smarter, improving operational efficiency, and reinventing the customer experience.
In addition to Christel Heydemann's keynote address, this year, Orange is highlighting several startups that are developing impactful AI-centric initiatives, including:

    Peer-to-peer sharing for rapid access to information, knowledge capitalisation, and talent development (documentary research, identification of skills/experts). It also provides a forum to discuss the impacts of ChatGPT on the workplace.
  • Mailoop
    Collects emails and appointments for analysis using more than 200 indicators. Interprets digital habits and their impact on your organisation (psychosocial risks, mental workload, hybrid work, etc.).
  • Ewaati 
    Startup specialising in artificial intelligence and robotics with a range of facial recognition technologies in Africa.
    Positive AI is an association that aims to create a space for discussion, work and concrete, shared tools dedicated to companies that want to implement responsible AI.
  • Artifeel 
    The startup developed "Check'In": an all-in-one alarm box, the only one with artificial intelligence that is 100% autonomous and does not need Wifi or electricity! An AI application for the general public.
  • AR51 
    The startup offers large-scale volumetric 3D calculation technology, to reproduce realistic photos used for augmented, virtual or mixed reality.
    The startup develops a technological solution combining AI and AR/VR in very high resolution, redesigning the future of immersive experiences in the entertainment and sports sectors.


Support programs showcased on the Orange stand

By highlighting the different programs on the stand, visitors will be able to discover all the forms of support for start-ups available at Orange:

•    Orange Ventures, the Orange fund dedicated to startup investments in the fields of strategic interest to Orange (networks, IT, cybersecurity and fintech), in emerging technologies (e-health, gaming & VR, content) as well as in environmental and social areas, thanks to its "Impact"-oriented vehicle launched in May 2021. Today, Orange Ventures is involved in supporting nearly 50 startups in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
•    The Orange Fab network, the world's leading corporate accelerator program, which aims to accelerate and internationalise the startups that the Group supports. We have 21 Orange Fabs on 4 continents.
•    The Women Entrepreneurs program, which has already enabled 320 women to obtain support in their entrepreneurial process. With this program, Orange provides specific responses to the needs identified by each entrepreneur and offers personalised support based on the founders’ needs and expectations.
•    The Orange 5G Lab enables startups and large enterprises to seize the opportunities of 5G through experimentation and innovation that will bring tomorrow's applications to life.
•    Future4Care, the leading French and European start-up accelerator in the field of e-health. A partnership between Orange, Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali, which aims to accelerate the development of concrete solutions in terms of e-health and their provision on the market.
•    The Software République, the open-innovation ecosystem supported by Renault Group, Orange, Dassault Systèmes, Atos, STMicroelectronics and Thalès to accelerate sustainable, secure and smart mobility projects. A world first, the Software République will unveil the “H1st Vision” concept car, integrating more than 20 French innovations on June 14.

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