ADVA’s Ensemble Activator network operating system scores industry first with MEF 3.0 certification

News summary:

  • MEF-certified solution features ADVA Ensemble Activator software running on Edgecore open cell site gateway platform
  • Certification proves value of disaggregated network operating system (NOS) for building next-generation open network infrastructure
  • TIP-developed DCSG frees MNOs from proprietary systems and supports vendor-neutral best-of-breed networks

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that its Ensemble Activator carrier-grade network operating system (NOS) is now MEF 3.0-certified as part of a multi-vendor system. While this certification is well established with hardware products, ADVA’s Ensemble Activator is the market’s first software solution to achieve MEF 3.0-certified status. The award proves that a multi-vendor disaggregated product can meet the industry’s most rigorous standards and highlights the value of open ecosystems for delivering next-generation mobile services in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment. The certified solution features Ensemble Activator, specifically developed for white boxes as part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), running on Edgecore’s innovative DCSG open hardware design.

“Achieving MEF 3.0 certification with our Ensemble Activator network operating system provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with a clear path to the benefits of separated software and hardware. It opens the door to unprecedented levels of scalability, efficiency and flexibility in large, geographically dispersed multi-vendor transport infrastructure,” said Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Our MEF-compliant operating system will empower MNOs across the world to accelerate their digital transformation. Now they can embrace disaggregation and diversification with complete confidence in technologies that adhere to industry-best standards.”

Now MNOs can embrace disaggregation and diversification with complete confidence in technologies that adhere to industry-best standards. Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA

MEF certification is the industry’s most trusted reference for Carrier Ethernet equipment standardization. To win MEF 3.0-complaint status, the multi-vendor system from ADVA and Edgecore underwent an extensive suite of rigorous tests, evaluating its ability to deliver the highest levels of performance under extreme operating conditions. The DCSG specification was developed by a joint operator community within TIP’s Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) project group and is one of the first projects to introduce open, standards-based disaggregated hardware and software for use in telecom transport networks. What’s more, as a holder of a TIP Compliance Ribbon for DCSG, ADVA’s NOS is now featured on the TIP Exchange, which helps service providers easily evaluate technology solutions and partners.

“Today’s announcement is a key milestone for disaggregated vendor-neutral networking solutions. It establishes that open and disaggregated solutions can offer the carrier-grade robustness, efficiency and scale needed for deployment in the most demanding of networking environments,” commented Heimdall Siao, president of Edgecore Networks. “Edgecore’s hardened DCSG platform featuring ADVA’s Ensemble Activator enables MNOs to rapidly grow their backhaul infrastructure to 100Gbit/s and 25Gbit/s interfaces and offers accurate timing synchronization capabilities for the most stringent of 5G mobile network requirements. These disaggregated solutions allow MNOs to better control their network infrastructure and improve their total cost of ownership over the deployment lifecycle. Already compliant with TIP specifications, our joint solution now has the MEF 3.0 stamp of approval. For MNOs looking to modernize their infrastructure, our solution demonstrates that it is possible to escape vendor lock-in and harness the capabilities and benefits of open disaggregated solutions for mobile networks.”

“Today’s news highlights the impact of our support for collaboration and interoperability and shows how the work of the TIP community is reshaping the networking technology landscape. With MEF 3.0 certification, ADVA and Edgecore’s TIP-incubated DCSG will enable more MNOs to tap into the power of openness and disaggregation to reduce costs, increase innovation and extend high-quality connectivity across the world,” said Diego Mari Moreton, manager of connectivity technologies and ecosystems at Meta and lead of the TIP OOPT project group. “This solution has been proven to meet the needs of the most demanding mobile networks. It demonstrates that MNOs can realize the advantages of disaggregation without sacrificing performance and paves the way for the mass rollout of 5G services.”

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