Proof of Concept: Dell OPNFV Infrastructure-as-a-Service

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Dell OPNFV Infrastructure-as-a-Service

AT&T, ClearPath Networks and Dell co-operate on this PoC to demonstrate how OPNFV-based platforms can enable new use-cases and capabilities, including how communication service providers can leverage partners' federated OPNFV-based platforms to quickly and cost-effectively expand their geographic service coverage.

OPNFV Infrastructure-as-a-Service (OPNFV-IaaS) enables VNF Service Providers to deliver VNF services to their customers across independently-administered OPNFV-powered Infrastructures (OPNFV-I). This PoC demonstrates the interoperability aspects of OPNFV-IaaS enabling VNFs running across infrastructure nodes among various administrative domains of OPNFV-I. It shows how VNFs can be created, configured and terminated within one OPNFV-I environment upon the request from a separate administrative domain, and how VNFs can be automatically migrated from one live OPNFV-I environment to another upon given circumstances such as OPNFV-I users' geographic location change.

This PoC framework is completely open to all reference interfaces defined in the ETSI ISG architecture, and it goes beyond to ensure that the architecture's components may be substituted through open and loosely coupled interfaces.

This PoC is built upon OPNFV, an open source platform focusing on NFV-I. The PoC's open framework can be rapidly expanded from the initial use cases to a much broader set of industry use-cases.

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