Composable Networking in Massively Scalable Data Centers

BY SIMON DREDGE ON JUN 18, 2018 2:52:13 PM

Like many missives that have come before, this blog post begins with some blatant plagiarism. When talking network disaggregation, Russ White -- currently serving as a network architect at LinkedIn -- tops and tails his presentation with a picture of chocolate cookie ingredients to make a point that everyone should disaggregate. I thought it was a great analogy. I like cookies. Who doesn’t? While I can follow instructions to make a batch of cookies in the same way I can follow a MOP and deploy a disaggregated network element, it did frighten me a little. Indeed, my initial thought was “... yeah, but I’d just rather buy a cookie than bake one from scratch.” Then I realized that, in fact, I don’t.


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