Deutsche Telekom: Powering higher performance for digital pioneers

  • Cloud Computing: Beyond limits
  • Cyber Security: On the ground, in the air
  • Internet of Things: Off the shelf

Deutsche Telekom presents a number of premieres for the digital economy at Hanover Fair. In the "Home of industrial pioneers", as the world's largest industrial trade fair calls itself, the telecommunications company showcases new digital solutions.

T-Systems, the Telekom segment for enterprise customers, is the first company to find a way to offer SAP solutions on all cloud environments.

T-Systems and SAP are also the first to connect their platforms for the Internet of Things. Data flows back and forth automatically.

The automotive supplier Continental announced today at the Deutsche Telekom press conference that it will jointly build the first security operations center for cars.

Furthermore, T-Systems has put the first 50,000 digital price tags on the shelves of a major retail company in Düsseldorf.

“Here in Hanover, we show what digital pioneers can do with ultra-reliable networks,” says Adel Al-Saleh, Board Member Deutsche Telekom. “We have just announced a premiere for the smart factory. With Osram, we have just launched the first campus network. We see a lot of interest from the industry. We are in talks with a dozen companies.”

Cloud Computing: Beyond limits

(1) T-Systems presents a world premiere by bringing SAP solutions into all cloud environments. “Our expertise allows us to offer overarching, seamlessly managed SAP services. And the best of all: it is entirely independent of technological platforms,” says Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems. This gives customers the maximum level of flexibility to implement their individual SAP requirements on a private, public, hybrid or multi cloud. T-Systems is the world’s largest SAP hosting provider, operating more than 820,000 terabytes in SAP HANA databases on behalf of customers.

(2) T-Systems is re-inventing its portfolio for the private cloud. “We will offer three platforms: They are based on VMware, Microsoft Azure Stack and OpenStack”, says Al-Saleh. This new future cloud infrastructure is as easy and flexible to use as offerings for the public cloud. The infrastructure is available either at T-Systems' data centers or onsite at the customer's premises. This makes the path to a hybrid cloud a simple one. “Our three platforms have siblings in the public cloud who follow the same logic: Microsoft Azure Stack with Microsoft Azure, VMware with VMware on Amazon Web Services and OpenStack with Open Telekom Cloud.”

(3) Industrial companies are increasingly using the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, SAP and T-Systems connect their cloud-based platforms for networked devices and sensors. This enables customers to seamlessly integrate IoT data into their SAP systems. "We are now making it very easy for our customers: They attach sensors to their devices and switch them on. These feed live data into the SAP system. Now customers can use IoT for process automation," says Adel Al-Saleh. First, T-Systems transmits the data encrypted to its own IoT platform and then to SAP Leonardo IoT.

Cyber Security: On the ground, in the air

(1) T-Systems and Argus Cyber Security, an independent subsidiary of the technology company Continental, join forces to develop a comprehensive protection for connected cars. Together they build up a so-called Automotive Security Operations Center. T-Systems brings in its expertise in communication, security and the operation of security operation centers (SOC). Argus provides its deep experience and know-how in automotive cyber-security.

(2) Volvo and Boehringer Ingelheim both have commissioned Deutsche Telekom to protect their properties against drones. Telekom secured sensitive areas of the pharmaceutical company and a Volvo test track with RF (radio frequency) sensors. These detect radio signals from the drones. Telekom connected the sensors wirelessly via radio relay. Telekom's Magenta shield recognizes drones in real time. If the drones fly onto the company premises, the plant security department is ready to help. The system also secures evidence for subsequent tracking.

Internet of Things: Off the shelf

(1) T-Systems brings digital price tags to a large retailer. This makes price changes possible in real time. At the same time, changes in merchandise management are immediately visible on the digital price tag. Thanks to IoT, retailers can save time with this solution. Networked services also increase the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

The digital price tag is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC). This enables the retailer to network his local shop directly with his online shop.

Employees also benefit from the solution. Inventories no longer need days or weeks. They are done at the push of a button. Thanks to digitally storing the location of the goods on the shop floor using the fashion tags, employees and customers can find the goods more easily. The tags are controlled via a dedicated WLAN. This is connected to the cloud. The cloud connects the merchandise management systems.

(2) ISS Facility Services and T-Systems signed a three-year partnership agreement: The cloud-based IoT platform "Connected Things Hub" becomes the central control element for the global Danish facility service company. Digitally captured data on building’s use supports efficient remote management: Tracking room utilization, usage behavior and room climate allow ISS optimization opportunities.

Special software analyzes and visualizes the data in real time. The building service provider is notified when pre-set defaults are exceeded and can intervene, if need be. In 2018, ISS installed approximately 20,000 sensors at customer sites in more than 18 countries around the world.

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