Why telcos must migrate to the public cloud

Published on:
Wednesday, 24th September, 2020
Danielle Royston, TelcoDR, Telecom’s Leading Public Cloud Evangelist
Ray Le Maistre, Editorial Director, TelecomTV

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Danielle Royston, TelcoDR, Telecom's Leading Public Cloud Evangelist

Telcos must embrace the public cloud, and avoid private cloud deployments, if they are to gain the agility and achieve the efficiencies they need to survive and thrive in an increasingly cloud native world, argues Public Cloud Evangelist Danielle Royston.

Recorded September 2020 using TelecomTV’s Smart Studio service


Danielle Royston

TelcoDR, Telecom’s Leading Public Cloud Evangelist

Host: Ray Le Maistre

Editorial Director, TelecomTV

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