Nokia expands field-proven next generation PON portfolio and adds South Korea Broadband to growing list of customers worldwide

  • Nokia extends its field-proven next generation fiber portfolio to help simplify and accelerate fiber evolution for operators around the world
  • South Korea Broadband (SKB) becomes eighth customer to have commercially deployed Nokia's XGS-PON and TWDM-PON solutions

Espoo, Finland - Nokia is extending its fiber solution for universal next generation passive optical networks (PON) to help operators more effectively scale, deploy and automate their fiber networks as the demand for data grows.

Launched in 2015, Nokia's universal PON solution leverages existing fiber platforms and infrastructure to help operators evolve networks in a gradual way, adding wavelengths in line with demand. Commercially deployed with eight customers around the world, the solution offers various next generation PON technologies including XGS-PON and TWDM-PON on a single platform and line card . Operators can connect subscribers with any type of optical network terminal (ONTs) regardless of whether it's XGPON1, XGS-PON or TWDM-PON, eliminating the risk of technology and platform lock-in.

Now, Nokia is enhancing its universal solution to provide operators with a higher density option that can reduce costs. Increasing deployment flexibility, the enhancements include new SDN/NFV-based capabilities that automate and simplify the deployment, maintenance and evolution of traditional fiber networks. This provides a smooth evolution path to 10G symmetrical or asymmetrical speeds with cost-efficient non-tunable XGS-PON optics and to TWDM-PON with tunable optics.

Providing operators with a more advanced approach to their fiber evolution, Nokia's extensive universal next generation PON portfolio of products now includes:

  • Field-proven XGS-PON dual rate/TWDM-PON - enabling operators to address the need for 10G services in cost-efficient way with non-tunable optics, and smoothly evolve to tunable TWDM-PON.
  • Expanded ONT family - variety of ONTs, supporting XGPON1, XGS-PON or TWDM-PON helping operators to deploy the right 10Gbps service at the right cost.
  • Access Controller - Cloud-based controller automates and simplifies deployment, maintenance and evolution of the access network in a traditional, SDN, or hybrid management environments. It plays a critical role with tools that manage wavelength, load balance and select ONT wavelengths.
  • 7362 ISAM DF-16 - A small form-factor access node that supports GPON and next generation 10G PON technologies which lets operators effectively deploy fiber in smaller or lower user density areas.
  • 8-port universal next gen PON line card - Allows operators to increase the number of connected XGPON1, XGS or TWDM ONTs and reduce cost
  • Wavelength multiplexer with embedded co-existing element - For an end-to-end solution that lets operators add XGS-PON and TWDM-PON wavelengths in incremental steps, with gradual investment and minimal interruption of service during upgrade.

With eight next generation PON commercial customers that include the world's first XGS-PON deployments with China Mobile and TWDM-PON by EPB in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nokia remains committed to researching, developing and implementing the latest technologies and innovations service providers need to accelerate their fiber evolution.

Federico Guillen, president of Nokia's Fixed Networks business group, said:

"Nokia has lead the innovation charge in the next-generation fiber space, first with TWDM-PON and then with the use of fixed optics, an approach which is the foundation of today's XGS-PON standard. The enhancements to our next-generation PON portfolio make it easier and more cost-effective for service providers to seamlessly evolve their existing fiber networks in line with demand."

Did you know?

  • Nokia's universal TWDM solution with fixed wavelengths, announced in February 2015, led to standardization of the new XGS-PON technology in 2016
  • Nokia's Universal NGPON works with a variety of 10G optics, allowing operators to connect XGPON1, XGS and tunable TWDM ONTs
  • SKB becomes the eighth Nokia customer to commercially deploy its XGS/TWDM solutions.
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