Huawei's BusinessPON private line solution helps China Telecom Shanghai

[Shanghai, China, September 30, 2019] Recently, China Telecom (Shanghai) announced that it will adopt Huawei's BusinessPON private line solution to build gigabit private lines for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a latest move to help enterprises to go digital and various industries to prosper.

As a pioneer in global fiber broadband construction, China Telecom (Shanghai) has built the first municipal full-fiber network to carry individual, home, enterprise, and industrial services over a unified platform. Currently, the full-fiber network is providing PON private line services for 300,000 SMEs.

As more enterprises go digital and innovative services emerge, SMEs raise higher requirements on private line networks. For example, mobile game SMEs need private lines with higher bandwidths to more efficiently render images and audio on the cloud and improve user experience; chain stores require private lines that are faster and secure for saving sales data on the cloud; 3D building design start-ups require private lines with higher reliability and upstream rates to support remote customer viewing and real-time data synchronization to the cloud (one real map can be as large as 200 GB). In addition, SMEs usually have limited manpower, and need private lines that are easy to maintain.

To provide SMEs with optimal private lines, China Telecom (Shanghai) and Huawei carried out joint innovation to develop new gigabit PON private lines. The BusinessPON private line solution is a key achievement of this joint innovation. The solution has the following features:

  • Wide coverage and fast connection: Fiber access resources are available anywhere, and hot areas are pre-covered. Gateways support plug and play, and services and connections can be provisioned for SMEs in minutes.
  • High bandwidth and continuous evolution: The solution provides up to 10 Gbps symmetric rates, improving the efficiency of uploading and downloading ultra-large files tenfold by 10 times.
  • High security and flexible access to the cloud: The secure IPSec VPN access and hardware encryption/decryption engine provide industry-leading tunnel performance and protect the security of enterprise data. Huawei-developed chips and optimization algorithms are used to support 3 Gbps VxLAN with one hop to the cloud. The forwarding performance is twice of the industry average, enabling high-speed cloud storage and access.
  • High reliability and quality assurance: The availability of selective enterprise gateways is up to 99.999%. The private lines have industry-leading performance in mean time between failures (MTBF), and meet carrier-class application requirements.
  • Simplified O&M, all in one: Gateways replace a stack of devices, simplifying enterprise networking and reducing IT O&M costs by 30%.

A senior manager of China Telecom (Shanghai) said: "Huawei's BusinessPON private line solution helps us build differentiated private line products to meet scenario-based requirements of various SMEs and help them go digital. In the future, we will make more intense efforts to help various vertical industries go digital, smart, and prosperous through innovation."

Jeffrey Zhou, president of Huawei's Access Network Product Line, said: "Enterprise digital transformation brings new opportunities for operators to develop the private line service. Huawei will intensify technological innovation in the gigabit ultra-broadband era and work with China Telecom (Shanghai) to explore the application of 10G PON technologies in the home, enterprise, and industry scenarios. Huawei's SingleFAN Pro access solution provides home users with premium gigabit broadband services, and provides massive SMEs with private lines that feature fast connection, high bandwidth, high security, high reliability, and simple O&M.

Up to now, Huawei has signed commercial contracts with more than 30 operators around the world for gigabit fiber broadband construction. The global shipment of 10G PON optical line terminals (OLTs) ports has exceeded 1.5 million, helping operators build leading-edge intelligent gigabit OptiX networks.

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