FCC Cmmr Clyburn - FTC Cmmr McSweeny joint statement on open internet

Via FCC Headlines

Apr 28, 2017

On Leaving Broadband Consumers and Competition Unprotected

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2017

“Today Chairman Pai released a plan that, if implemented, will hand over control of the open internet to the powerful gatekeepers of our connections to the modern world. Despite the Chairman’s description of the proposal as a way to reduce onerous regulation, stimulate investment, and protect consumer privacy, the proposal would do otherwise. If adopted, Chairman Pai’s proposal will harm competition and innovation and will leave consumers without any real protection or oversight by either the FTC or FCC for broadband services.

“The FCC’s majority would have you believe they are supporters of a free and open internet. Make no mistake, this proposal is net neutrality in name only. Here is what the proposal would really do. It would allow broadband providers to erect barriers or charge tolls to any application, connected device, or website that the broadband providers’ customers want to reach. It would allow broadband providers to favor their own content over others, and pick winners and losers on the internet. It would also create an environment where neither the FCC nor FTC could protect the privacy of the customers of some of our largest broadband companies. Ultimately, broadband providers could shape the future of internet content, mine and sell sensitive personal information, and limit consumer access to the internet in whatever manner they think will bring them the most profit.

“We believe Americans will see the Chairman’s proposal for what it is: a gift to behemoth incumbent broadband providers at the expense of innovators and consumers. This is not putting #ConsumersFirst. As Commissioners of the FCC and FTC, we stand united in our fight to protect consumers and ensure that the 2015 Open Internet rules remain in place for decades to come.”


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