Plume launches Uprise to transform connectivity services for MDUs

The Uprise suite empowers property managers, building owners, and CSPs to deliver and manage a comprehensive set of secure, reliable, and personalised tenant connectivity services

Network X, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Personalised smart services pioneer Plume® today announced the launch of Uprise™, the world’s first cloud- and AI-powered connectivity and management solution designed to meet the unique needs of Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)—including apartments, multifamily, and other high-density living spaces—with high capacity, reliable and secure services. The new suite of services extends the benefits of Plume’s field proven HomePass™ and WorkPass™ suites to the MDU market, enabling property managers and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to provide highly personalised customer experiences while reducing costs through unmatched hardware choice and lower CAPEX.

MDUs represent a significant proportion of European¹ and U.S.² homes, and investment in the multifamily category is rising globally³. Yet property management companies often struggle with inefficient infrastructure and fragmented solutions that lead to poor Internet performance, expensive property buildouts, and outdated experiences for tenants. Uprise tackles these issues effectively, enabling property managers and CSPs to deliver a premium experience to tenants in a flexible way.

“The global MDU market is ripe with opportunities to fully address the complexity of providing and supporting various technology solutions,” said Elizabeth Parks, President, and CMO of Parks Associates. “For example, Parks Associates research finds one-third of property managers in the U.S. who offer WiFi on their largest properties experience problems such as difficulty maintaining connectivity and managing credentials. With a third of the U.S. population living in multifamily environments and more than half of the global population expected to be in an urban setting by 2055, there is a huge opportunity for building owners to help minimise connectivity issues, enhance and streamline operations, and differentiate the consumer experience.”

Uprise allows property managers to easily manage their tenants' connectivity from move-in to move-out and provides them with the capability to proactively monitor residents’ networks for issues in conjunction with the CSP via Plume’s Haystack™ Support and Operations suite. Uprise grants property managers and CSPs complete visibility and control of their portfolio of residences from a unified portal, eradicating the need for multiple tools and processes.

For tenants, Uprise enables users to personalise their Internet experiences through the HomePass and WorkPass apps which provide access to property-wide adaptive wireless connectivity and AI-driven cybersecurity. This means that tenants can use WiFi in all community areas, such as pools, gyms, and lobbies so that they can remain online and roam seamlessly. Uprise performs sophisticated load and interference management, as well as clustered optimisations for reliable and consistent connectivity throughout the MDU. 

The new Uprise Suite is comprised of three services:

  • Hub™ is a tenant lifecycle management web interface with APIs that enable both network monitoring and tenant management across multiple properties.
  • Harmony™ uses sophisticated optimisation algorithms purposely built for MDUs that provide unrivalled performance by working proactively to minimise WiFi interference.
  • Places™ includes a Private Property SSID for building IoT and employees’ devices, and an Open Community SSID for tenants and guests enabling separation between common areas and residential networks while providing a clear view of monitoring and management.

Leveraging the OpenSync™ open-source framework, Uprise gives CSPs the ability to decrease CPE hardware CAPEX costs and enables them to fully benefit from hardware diversification and supply chain independence with over 35 OpenSync-certified devices available.

“Plume’s Uprise suite brings a fully integrated solution that enables us to take the successful HomePass solution to the mass MDU market,” said Jeremiah Thies, Director of Network Operations from i3 Broadband. “By engaging through property management companies and building owners, we can leverage our services more widely, and to communities that have been largely underserved—Uprise enables us to see into every home network, enabling us to proactively support subscribers and serve them with the best experiences possible.”

“One of the key features that impressed us most about Uprise is the seamless onboarding experience; once we assigned a tenant, it was plain sailing. WiFi connections just work for everyone accessing the Internet in high-density environments,” said Heath Wiley, Marketing Director at Gearheart Communications. “We see opportunities for Uprise to help us manage apartment buildings, colleges, and even courthouses. Plume’s Uprise is a game changer, and we’re excited about the many ways we’ll put it to work.”

“Uprise marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase in the development of Plume’s products. We have leveraged and further advanced our technology to address problems, such as inconsistent Internet connection, fragmentation of systems, and high costs, that have long affected the MDU market,” said David Huynh, the Chief Product Officer of Plume. “Our new and easy-to-deploy solution will truly empower property managers and CSPs to provide a leading and personalised customer experience, delivered with the highest degree of flexibility and hardware independence.”

Uprise is available for deployment in all of Plume's markets globally, see for more details.

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