EE launches UK’s first broadband package build for next-level gaming

  • EE’s new Broadband Made for Gamers bundle is now available nationwide offering gamers the lower latency, game server geofencing and in-home network prioritisation
  • The new bundle comes with the UK’s most reliable broadband technology – Full Fibre, delivering a connection of 1.6Gbps / EE’s most advanced router - EE Smart Hub Plus featuring Game Mode / as well Smart WiFi Plus to ensure gamers have lightning-fast speeds in every corner of their home
  • The bundle is complete with 24-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included worth almost £200 in total, giving players access to hundreds of games
  • To mark today’s launch, EE united two of the UK’s fastest bedroom gamers to put the bundle to the ultimate test by smashing a series of speedrunning world records: View Here
  • EE’s Broadband Made for Gamers forms part of EE’s ambition to become the UK’s no.1 destination for gaming

EE today launched a new nationwide home connectivity bundle made exclusively for gamers. EE Broadband Made for Gamers includes the UK’s fastest widely available download speeds, as well as Game Mode, designed to allow gamers to maximise their in-home WiFi connection - providing a truly next-level gaming experience.

The game-changing bundle is part of EE’s drive to become the UK’s no.1 destination for gaming, features speeds, hardware and controls developed using the experience and expertise of the world-leading BT R&D teams at Adastral Park. And it comes as new research reveals that 88% of gamers believe that fast and reliable broadband speed is the most crucial factor in performing well when gaming, with a further 80% claiming that poor broadband quality has negatively impacted their performance in the last month alone.

Meanwhile over third (38%) of British gamers also feel restricted to gaming in just one area of the home due to slow broadband speeds, with 50% stating they’d like to be able to game in more rooms in their home.

At the heart of Broadband Made for Gamers is Full Fibre, the UK’s most reliable broadband technology which delivers over 1.6 Gbps download speeds into customer homes. Tests on EE’s Full Fibre network using Cisco ThousandEyes (formerly SamKnows) performance monitoring technology reveals it offers a latency reduction of over a third compared to standard broadband. Meanwhile 1.6Gbps download speeds means the average game update for a title such as Call of Duty (20.9Gb) could be downloaded in under two minutes (104 seconds) compared to times of over an hour with other Full Fibre packages.

The bundle also comes with EE’s most advanced router, the Smart Hub Plus, featuring Game Mode that allows users to boost their home connectivity by prioritising their online gaming traffic to receive an optimal experience and works in conjunction with many of the latest online gaming sites.

Game Mode also provides:

  • Geo Filter, which chooses the highest quality servers and blocks any that have increased lag for best in game play
  • Ping Optimiser - allowing customers to enjoy a fine-tuned connection with less buffering when gaming, with reducing server ping by up to 24% according to tests carried out by developers Netduma

Whether it’s from the lounge or the bedroom, customers will be able to enjoy powerful broadband wherever they choose to game – with the bundle’s inclusive Smart WiFi that helps to provide signal in those hard-to-reach places in the home, meaning endless opportunities for gamers to create their gaming dens.

Finally Broadband Made for Gamers comes complete with 24-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included, so players have hundreds of great games to choose from.

Sam Kemp, Director of Gaming at EE, commented: “By introducing Broadband Made for Gamers, we believe we’re making a huge step in our ambition to become the number one destination for gaming in the UK, by creating a broadband package that has been truly tailored for gamers to enhance their in-game experiences. Features such as Game Mode as well as 1.6Gbps Full Fibre will give gamers the extra edge when they’re playing, and customers will never be short on the latest and most exciting titles with our inclusive 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”

Ahead of its launch, EE assembled two of the UK’s fastest bedroom gamers to put the bundle to the ultimate test by smashing a series of speedrunning world records. EE’s Speedrunners, Dan Riley (from Devon) and Josh Edwards (from Bournemouth)used the new Broadband Made for Gamers bundle, including its Game Mode feature and 1.6Gbps speeds, setting a total of four all-new records for GRID™ Legends’s Brands Hatch tracks – showcasing the game-changing prowess of the UK’s only bespoke broadband package made exclusively for gamers.

For video footage of Dan Riley and Josh Edwards’ record-breaking laps – please visit the following link:

Customers can take out the Broadband Made for Gamers bundle for just £79.99 per month.

For further details, customers should visit

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