Sprint Seeks to End Consumer Confusion & Frustration with Wireless Industry's First-Ever "All-In" Pricing Plan

All-In Wireless includes choice of smartphone and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data

Sprint Calls for Pricing Transparency in Wireless; Unveils Campaign Featuring David Beckham on a Quest for a Simple, Understandable Offer

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 30, 2015 - Today, Sprint introduces the wireless industry’s first-ever “All-In” pricing plan, underscoring the company’s commitment to making wireless simpler, clearer and more straightforward for consumers. All-In Wireless counters the wireless industry’s current way of advertising by providing one clear monthly price for a smartphone and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data.

With All-In Wireless, consumers pay $80 per month for a wireless device and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data – the two most significant components on any wireless bill.

“We understand how frustrating and confusing shopping for wireless can be. At Sprint, we are doing things differently,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We are telling customers, ‘This is your All-In price.’ So when they walk into our store or visit our website, they will see that $80 includes a smartphone and an unlimited plan to do the most important things they are going to do with the phone for an entire month: make calls, watch videos, listen to music, text a friend – you name it.”

Claure continued, “If you went to a restaurant that advertised a cheeseburger for 99-cents, but when you show up, they said it’s an extra $2 for the bun or $1 for lettuce, you would feel misled. Yet, that’s what the industry has been doing with its wireless plans. Why can’t everyone just advertise the full price of both the plan and the smartphone – an All-In plan? That was the idea behind what we’ve created.”

Sprint will promote All-In Wireless with advertising featuring international sports star and entrepreneur David Beckham. In the ads, Beckham goes from store to store, asking for a simple wireless plan with a consistent monthly cost. He is met with confusion and frustration at every stop – until he gets to a Sprint store, where he is offered All-In Wireless.

“When Marcelo and I talked, he said that for most people, buying a cell phone can be one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable,” Beckham said. “People want simple, honest and straightforward plans, but instead they get confusion. With Sprint All-In the aim is to make things simple and deliver value for people.”

The ads featuring Beckham launch tonight during the U.S. Women’s World Cup Match on the FOX Network. To watch an extended version of the Beckham ad now please visit http://www.youtube.com/v/QC22ZHo7Iak.

“It’s a genuine pleasure to work with such a dynamic and forward-thinking company. I really enjoyed making the advert and hopefully people will enjoy it too,” Beckham added.

With All-In, consumers pay $20 per month to lease one of our most popular smartphones, and $60 per month for unlimited text, talk and high-speed data while on the Sprint network (excludes taxes and surcharges).1

Consumers pay $0 down and only a one-time, $36 activation fee.

Sprint believes this is the simplest, most straightforward, lowest-cost way to get a smartphone with unlimited data in wireless – without the confusion caused by other carriers who continue to only advertise part of the cost to draw people into their stores. But once at the store, consumers discover that the advertised price isn’t all in. They discover there are additional costs for the phone or the service. To watch Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure describe the importance of All In to today’s wireless customers please visit https://youtu.be/USZ3Xdz0oDk.

Sprint is also encouraging consumers to check their all-in pricing from other carriers and not be fooled by advertising gimmicks that only list the price of a phone or the price of a service plan making it difficult to understand the full story.

For example, Verizon advertises 10GB of data $80, but they don’t mention as loudly the additional monthly charges including $15 line access and $27.08 for the phone. AT&T frequently advertises 10GB of data for $100 per month, but downplays the additional monthly charges including $15 line access and $27.08 for the phone. T-Mobile is advertising 4 lines for $100, but doesn't shout the additional $108.32 in monthly phone payments.

Sprint also believes every wireless company should offer a clear plan like All-In Wireless. In fact, Sprint is so confident about All-In Wireless, the company encourages customers to shop it around. If you’ve considered a deal from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, ask them straight up: “What’s the All-In price?” Not the price on the tag or in the ad just for the service plan.

All-In Wireless accompanies Sprint’s commitment to improving its network every day. According to RootMetrics, in 111 markets measured in the first half of 2015, Sprint has been awarded a total of 156 first place (outright or shared) RootScore® Awards for overall, reliability, speed, data, call, or text network performance.2 Those numbers sound even more impressive when compared to last year’s results. In these same 111 markets, Sprint achieved 21 first-place award wins back in the first half of 2014.

Sprint All-In Wireless is available starting today in Sprint stores and on www.sprint.com/allin.

All phones will be available with Sprint Lease, the most affordable way to get the hottest new devices. With Sprint Lease, customers get the lowest monthly cost and lowest two-year cost for the device and plan. Well-qualified customers can receive a new phone every 24 months for $0 down.

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