Mitsubishi Electric to Expand Lineup of 3.5 GHz-band GaN-HEMTs for 4G Mobile-communication Base Transceiver Stations

New products support macro and small cell BTS

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TOKYO, December 22, 2015 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it would expand its lineup of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors (GaN-HEMTs) for use in Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) operating in the 3.5GHz band of fourth generation (4G) mobile communication systems. The four new GaN-HEMTs offer output power and efficiency levels that are among the highest currently available according to company research as of December 22. Samples will be released starting February 1.


(From left) MGFS53G38ET1, MGFS50G38ET1, MGFS38G38L2 and MGFS37G38L2 GaN-HEMTs for 3.5-GHz 4G mobile communication BTS use

As a result of the deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced mobile networks, needs are rising for BTS that can offer increased data volume, smaller size and lower power consumption. In response, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the new GaN-HEMTs designed for use in macro BTS and large numbers of micro cells that mobile network operators are employing to increase the data capacity of their advanced 4G networks built with LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to expand its GaN-HEMT lineup for use in different output power and frequencies, and in mobile communication systems beyond 4G.

Product Features

1) Expanded product line-up

  • Flangeless ceramic package in 180W and 90W models for macro-cell BTS

  • Plastic molded package in 7W and 5W models for micro-cell BTS

2) GaN-HEMT and transistor optimization for high efficiency

  • High efficiency helps to reduce the size and power consumption of BTS

  • 90W model for macro-cell BTS achieves high drain efficiency (load pull) of 74 percent

  • 7W and 5W models for micro-cell BTS achieve high drain efficiency of 67 percent

  • High efficiency allows use of simple cooling system, which contributes to smaller size and lower power consumption of BTS

3) Size reduction

  • Flangeless ceramic package reduces the size of the devices themselves and power amplifier modules in which they are deployed
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