Huawei launches new generation indoor mobile broadband solution - LampSite3.0

Via Huawei Corporate News

Nov 25, 2016

[Tokyo, Japan, November 25, 2016] Huawei launched its new generation indoor mobile broadband solution, LampSite 3.0 at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in Tokyo to help operators and enterprises accelerate digital transformation and build a new indoor digital economy.

Mr. Peng Honghua, President of Huawei's Small Cell Product Line, Launched LampSite 3.0

Based on the CloudRAN unified architecture, LampSite3.0 provides LampSite 3.0 Pro and LampSite 3.0 Lite, a combined mobile broadband solution that covers indoor large, medium and small-sized scenes.

LampSite 3.0 Pro breaks through key RF technology bottlenecks to support full bandwidth, which enables the indoor digital network to support multi-operator sharing scenarios. LampSite 3.0 also supports more flexible multi-carrier aggregation, distributed MIMO, 256QAM and helps provide a smooth evolution to 5G.

LampSite 3.0 Lite is the industry's first end-to-end CloudRAN based wireless solution that dramatically increases the efficiency of indoor network deployment by centralized resource coordination and automating service provisioning. It also enables venue owners to deploy a network by themselves.

In the past three years, Huawei has proposed the indoor digitalization concept to help global operators to significantly improve indoor network quality and user experience through the digitalization of pipelines, services and operations.

The indoor digitalization solution effectively releases the data traffic potential of the hot spot, shortens the period of the operator's indoor network construction, reduces the cost of the operator's network maintenance, enables the network capacity openness and value-added service innovation, and continuously enhances the network construction investment output ratio.

An example of LampSite being used, Beijing Capital Airport completed more than 2,200 LampSite deployments in just three months, with a mobile traffic growth of up to 67 times in the 24 months after deployment. Additionally, after the deployment of LampSite in the main venue of the Barcelona World Mobile Congress in 2016, average daily traffic jumped 16 times. For most scenarios, digital indoor networks can quickly recover the investment for clients within 2 years.

From LampSite 1.0 to 2.0, to today's 3.0, Huawei redefines the key directions from the three dimensions to enable the new indoor digital economy, which helps operators and enterprises to accelerate the pace of digital transformation:

User experience: LampSite 1.0 upgrades indoor networks to an end-to-end digital network to enhance the efficiency of information exchange to improve the user experience. It enables ubiquitous high-definition video services. LampSite 2.0, which is based on software-defined radio technology, further enhances the user speed to 1Gbps. It enables 2K ultra-high-definition video services everywhere. By multi-band concurrent and distributed MIMO and other innovative technologies, LampSite 3.0 improves the user experience to xGbps, which enables 4K video, AR, VR and other new business.

Service boundary: Starting from version 2.0, LampSite has provided accurate location services based on indoor cellular networks through the digital capability open platform. It enables vertical applications such as intelligent shopping malls and intelligent airports to break through the traditional service boundaries of operators from B2C to B2V (Business to Vehicle). LampSite 3.0 further enables high-precision indoor cellular positioning, indoor IoT, big data and other technological innovations, and further extends the operator's business boundary to B2V and B2H (Business to Household)fields.

Industry Ecosystem: For the first time in the industry, LampSite 3.0 provides up to 240MHz full bandwidth capability, enabling multi-operator sharing with a digital indoor network. This will allow more players to participate in the construction of indoor digital infrastructure.

Dr. Zhou Yuefeng, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei's Wireless Network Product Line, said:

"LampSite3.0 is a milestone in Huawei's wireless history. It includes a large amount of Huawei’s technology innovations in the fields of indoor mobile broadband for many years. It helps global operators to quickly create all-scenario indoor digital infrastructure. It enables digital technology for more industries to break the boundaries of the mobile communications industry, and to enable more industry partners to share indoor digital economic dividends.”

Huawei’s LampSite3.0 solution will be available globally in the second half of 2017.

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