Huawei and industry partners jointly launch 5G modules based on HiSilicon's pre-module Solution

February, 20, 2020, LONDON, UK: Huawei and industry partners jointly launched a series of industrial and consumer modules developed based on HiSilicon's 5G pre-module, speeding up the large-scale adoption of 5G across a range of industries.

With 5G networks deployed worldwide, a consensus has been reached across industries that 5G is of great value. Modules are indispensable to the 5G massive commercialization. However, the hassle and timeframe associated with 5G module development hinder the large-scale adoption of 5G.

Huawei partnered with Quectel, Changhong Holding Group, AI-Link, China Mobile Group Device, and Smart Chip to launch 5G industrial modules, 5G+8K media modules, 5G electric power modules and more modules, accelerating the adoption of 5G in various scenarios, including smart manufacturing, multimedia, commercial display, large wall-mounted screen, energy, and transportation. In addition, consumer-level 5G modules for AR/VR and wearable devices will go on the market in March this year.

Hisilicon 5G pre-module and Partners’ 5G Module Launch

Veni Shone, President of HiSilicon, noted: "5G applications at the early stage should focus on high-value scenarios with common features. HiSilicon provides the standard 5G pre-module for vertical industries and the consumer field to assist module vendors in developing commercial modules. In doing so, the pre-module empowers countless enterprises to build a thriving 5G ecosystem."

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei's 5G Product Line, added: "Thanks to the joint efforts of operators and our partners, we have explored the adoption of 5G in dozens of vertical industries and a growing number of leading module vendors have joined forces with us. I believe that we will witness a boom in the growth of the 5G industry in the near future."

Hendrik Koopmans, CEO of HiSilicon Technologies Research & Development (UK) Limited, added: "The joint launch of industrial and consumer modules in multiple scenarios has paved the way for large-scale adoption of 5G in vertical industries and greatly promoted the digitalization of these industries."

Huawei and partners’ 5G module portfolio based on Hisilicon 5G pre-module Solution

Duan Enchuan, Chairman of AI-Link, said, "Changhong Holding Group and Huawei have strategic cooperation in 5G applications. Based on the HiSilicon 5G pre-module and our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we launched several professional modules: these include the 5G video module, 5G industrial module, and 5G+V2X module. These modules are widely used in multiple fields, including the 5G 8K TV, 5G industrial production line, and intelligent transportation system."

Sun Yanming, Deputy General Manager of Quectel, said: "Based on the HiSilicon 5G pre-module, we developed a 5G multimode communications module (RG800H). Multi-scenario and multi-band interwork testing between RG800H and Huawei 5G network shows leading advantages in both the transmission rate and performance in extreme conditions. With the large-scale adoption of 5G in the IoT industry, we are glad to work together again to provide powerful and cost-effective communications modules for industrial customers."

Huawei will continue to work together with partners in the 5G industry. In doing so, the HiSilicon 5G pre-module will power more scenario-based professional modules by following the principle of openness, broad-based compatibility, multi-interface capabilities, and one-stop service , completing the 5G industry chain and expediting the large-scale adoption of 5G in more industries.

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