dtac launches proof-of-concept 5G Private Network to boost Thai industry

dtac announced the launch of its proof-of-concept 5G Private Network solution to unlock the full potential of 5G for Thai enterprises. The solution is envisaged to help enterprises operate more efficiently and securely, while also unlocking the full power of Cloud through edge computing integration. As a proof of concept, dtac also unveiled a real-time, artificial intelligence (AI)-based Video Analytics solution in its corporate headquarter ‘dtac House’, covering Covid-19 use-cases, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) Compliance, Intrusion Detection, People Occupancy and Physical Distancing. The solution has been developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilizing dtac’s 5G Private Network and AWS Snowball Edge, a device with on-board storage and compute power for select AWS capabilities. AWS Snowball Edge can do local processing and edge-computing workloads in addition to transferring data between local environments and AWS.

5G Private Networks can power mission-critical systems that require ultra-high reliability, ultra-low latency, 99.999 percent availability, and very high security. When integrated with edge-computing capabilities, private networks can provide customers with a scalable, customizable platform to take advantage of developments in new generation technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), AI/machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR), real time analytics and much more.

Bridging the Industry’s Digital Revolution

With Covid-19 impacting the economy and accelerating changes in consumer behaviors, there is increasing pressure on businesses to save costs, strengthen their supply chains, and serve customers more quickly. dtac has identified a wide range of industries in Thailand that would benefit from 5G Private Networks to improve operational efficiency and accelerate digital transformation. Collaborating with AWS for its first proof of concept, dtac demonstrated how private networks can enable smart solutions for the new normal with an automated system designed to ensure social distancing.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “5G Private Networks can unlock the potential of Thailand’s entrepreneurs/businesses embracing digital transformation. This is especially true in the post-Covid-19 economy in which the deployment of IoT applications, automation, and edge computing are critical for businesses’ recovery and resilience. The key benefit of a private network is that it can be custom-built for specific use cases for each corporation. In particular, we see fantastic potential in vertical industries such as manufacturing, automotive assembly, shipping, logistics, public health, and agriculture.”

While nearly every industry can benefit from a private network, IoT, robots, and manufacturing automation are among the most significant use cases requiring machine-critical performance and security. In addition to peace of mind, 5G Private Networks also support advanced requirements for digital transformation and automated manufacturing requiring ultra-high data transfer speeds or near-zero latencies.

Mr. Bawa added, “Not only can 5G Private Networks lift the corporate infrastructure by enabling high performance, but they are also shielded from public network threats of attacks from hackers who may otherwise use a public network to breach into corporate data or IoT devices.”

The Two Types of dtac 5G Private Networks

The first type of dtac 5G Private Networks is the standalone private network. The network hardware includes edge computing operating on 26 GHz 5G and is not connected to a public network. Optimal data transfer performance is assured due to an exclusive corporate network with low latency, superior security, and isolated data traffic.

The second type is the hybrid private network. 5G and 4G connectivity are combined with base stations installed within the corporation and a public radio access network (RAN). Data processing is isolated within the corporate edge computing but can be stored in hyperscale data centers with superior security.

dtac Demonstrates 5G Private Network Applications

In collaboration with AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

dtac demonstrated a proof-of-concept for a 5G Private Network at the dtac House headquarters. The demonstration features a smart camera that can analyze distances among individuals in real-time to detect breaches of social distancing rules. The demonstration runs on a 5G Private Network to enable ultra-fast processing using edge computing.

Mr. Fabio Cerone, Managing Director, Telco Business Unit, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Amazon Web Services (AWS), said, “AWS is excited to be working with dtac to launch a brand new service that takes advantage of 5G and edge cloud computing to deliver industry specific low latency use cases. By providing edge cloud infrastructure that moves data processing close to where data is, we will allow customers to take advantage of use cases based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning running inference at the edge. We look forward to deepen our collaboration with dtac and continue to drive innovation and enhance customer experience.”

5G Private Networks are an emerging technology in the Asia-pacific region. Apart from this collaboration with AWS, dtac also works closely with other strategic partners, such as Telenor. In Europe, Telenor has been deploying private networks for various use cases including security, healthcare, retailing, and robots. dtac is benefiting from Telenor’s expertise. dtac currently holds a 5G license with a 26 GHz spectrum which supports 5G Private Network services for all corporate customer requirements.

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