ASE, Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm build the world's first 5G mmWave private network smart factory

The world’s first 5G mmWave private network is a collaboration between ASE, Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The enterprise private network will house a smart factory, which, today (December 16th) commences operation at ASE Group’s Kaohsiung Plant. The initial 5G based services that will be demonstrated include applications across AI + Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV), AR Remote Maintenance Assistance, and Green Technology Education Center AR Experience. Chi-Mai Chen, Kaohsiung City Mayor, were honored guests at the launch ceremony to mark an exciting milestone for Taiwan’s 5G industry.

The private network deploys advanced technology based on 5G mmWave to create the world’s first 5G mmWave private network with smart factory. It is also the first 5G private network to deploy small cells provided by Taiwan-based companies, further enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan's network communication industry. This not only marks a new milestone for Taiwan’s 5G applications, it is also a key breakthrough for Taiwan’s industry to enter the 5G network market.

“True” 5G mmWave Private Network with Smart Factory Allows Automatic Inspection and AR Remote Assistance AR Remote Maintenance Assistance was an eye-catching highlight at the Smart Factory launch ceremony. The demo video showed how a co-worker at the ASE Kaohsiung Plant control room can monitor the big data reported from thousands of nodes in the 5G enterprise private network based on mmWave network. When a problem is detected, a worker can connect with a remote assistant instantly by putting on 5G+AR glasses and look at the same maintenance SOP to carry out remote repair thru collaboration with the remote assistant. This fully demonstrates the high speed and low latency of the Smart Factory enabled by 5G mmWave. This advancement allows a large volume of high resolution pictures to be analyzed and remotely processed for real-time communication and repairs, significantly improving detection accuracy, yield and productivity.

Furthermore, AI + AGV unmanned vehicles are able to not only transport cargo, but complete auto-inspection through cameras, AI and big data analysis. The demo today showcased the machine alert function and the inspection and detection of staff safety. Furthermore, ASE’s Green Technology Education Center AR Experience is the largest 5G mmWave + AR experimental field in Taiwan, which is located at the largest reclaimed water facility in Taiwan. It takes water discharged by the factory for purification treatment and reuses it in the manufacturing process. The Center has successfully implemented ASE's management principles of "reduce, recycle, and reuse" of water resources. With the adoption of the latest 5G mmWave and AR technology for visitors’ water resources education, ASE Green Technology Education Center is leading the way to promote water conservation with innovative methods.

Successful Integration of Software and Hardware Strengths Prepares Taiwan’s Network Equipment Industry to Enter the 5G Base Station Market

In the process of planning the 5G small cells, Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm Technologies supported by providing advanced silicon technology, network planning and solutions. In addition to providing the MEC private network solution developed by Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, Chunghwa Telecom also helped Taiwan-made 5G small cells to connect to Chunghwa Telecom’s 5G network, successfully solving integration compatibility issues between Taiwan-made 5G base stations and telecom networks. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom also pioneered the single source, dual backup GPS antenna design to meet ASE’s high quality standards. This allowed the 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory to use the full 5G 28GHz spectrum in its switch and small cells, completely enabled by Taiwan-based operator and suppliers.

At the press event, a demo video was played to demonstrate the 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory’s AI + AGV unmanned vehicles and AR Remote Assistance. A model of ASE Smart Factory was also displayed at the venue, where guests could see the development of ASE’s facilities in the Nantzi Second Zone through MR glasses, including the rise of ASE’s first building K21, the inside view of the facility and R&D equipment, to building K22 and the latest K23 with vivid 3D images.

The Taiwan-based vendors that took part in building the full spectrum of the 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory included SERCOMM, broadband equipment vendor, Altek, a smart vision solution providerm and many 5G vertical applications that use Qualcomm technologies including Compal’s 5G MR glasses and the AI inspection solution provided by QITC 2019 shortlisted team DT42. This cooperation demonstrates Taiwan’s strength in the ICT industry and the readiness to enter the global 5G market.

In cooperation with long time partner, ASE Group, Qualcomm Technologies will utilize the 5G mmWave private network environment as a base for future testing and demonstrations of the most advanced wireless communications technologies. This base in Kaohsiung will target to support innovation in Taiwan’s small medium enterprises in the semiconductor and software industries. It will also support the Kaohsiung City Government’s goal to build a 5G smart city.

he is pleased to see the launch of the world’s first 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory in Kaohsiung. He was responsible for Taiwan’s 5G development planning during his term as Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan. After elected as Kaohsiung Mayor, he started to promote industrial transformation with 5G. He believes that the launch of 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory in Kaohsiung will not only create more job opportunities, but also attract more local and international companies to invest in Kaohsiung. He emphasized that Kaohsiung provides an ideal environment for partnership and welcomes startup talents and enterprises to come to Kaohsiung.

Tien Wu, Director and CEO of ASE Group, says, “Smart manufacturing is a key to increase Taiwan’s competitiveness and gain the opportunity to transform business and connect globally. ASE Group has invested in smart manufacturing for many years, and with the arrival of 5G era, we have adopted AI, big data analysis and automated applications so that our factories are able to think, detect, learn and adjust to provide high quality products using digital transformation. With 5G mmWave, ASE Group can expand the coverage and complexity of future smart factories and automated services. We hope that Taiwanese companies can sustain a forward-looking vision and continue to shine on the global stage.” Chi-mao Hsieh, Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., says, “Taiwan’s available 5G bandwidth for 28GHz mmWave exceeds nine times that of 3.5GHz. It is able to meet the corporate sector’s needs for applications with high speed and low latency. In Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has the maximum continuous mmWave bandwidth of 600MHz and is committed to technological R&D focusing on five major areas: 5G, IoT, AI, information security and big data. Under the tripartite cooperation, Chunghwa Telecom provides 5G mmWave enterprise private networks with the aim to boosting the development of the domestic 5G industry while improving the overall efficiency of smart manufacturing and production.”

ST Liew, Vice President, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia, says, “With the support of Qualcomm’s headquarters, we are excited to be a part of building the world’s first 5G mmWave private network with Smart Factory. It demonstrates the technology advantages of Taiwan’s ICT industry and how much Qualcomm values Taiwan’s partners. The application of 5G’s full spectrum realizes the “true” 5G’s high-speed, low latency and wide bandwidth. This is the only way to achieve the true smart factory functions such as real-time data processing and AR remote assistance. Taiwan has advantages in OEM and ODM technologies and talents. Qualcomm Technologies looks forward to continuing to support mmWave technology and helping Taiwan become a key mmWave base. Let’s continue to work together to strengthen Taiwan’s 5G ecosystem.”

The 5G mmWave enterprise private network smart factory plan will be carried out throughout the next year. After the completion of the plan, more 5G enterprise private network vertical applications will be realized, making Taiwan the best demonstration field for a “true” 5G smart factory that will accelerate the growth of the 5G ecosystem.

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