YTL Communications deploys ADVA timing solution in LTE-A network

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that YTL Communications has deployed its Oscilloquartz synchronization technology to support the nationwide rollout of LTE-Advanced services. The OSA 5410 and OSA 5420 Series create an end-to-end timing solution that delivers the highly precise phase and frequency synchronization needed for next-generation mobile and broadband connectivity. ADVA’s Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clocks and GNSS receivers provide sub-microsecond accuracy as well as an unprecedented level of robustness and scale. What’s more, the technology’s flexibility and operational simplicity enables a distributed timing architecture with synchronization at the edge of the mobile backhaul network and helps YTL Communications smoothly transitions its legacy infrastructure.

“ADVA’s Oscilloquartz timing technology has been fundamental to our highly successful 4G rollout. By utilizing the OSA 5410 and 5420 Series to deploy a distributed synchronization architecture, we've been able to provide 4G LTE and 4G broadband services across Malaysia with the nation’s only all-4G network,” said Wing K Lee, CEO, YTL Communications. “We have a strong belief in harnessing the most advanced technology available to provide wider coverage, better quality and more affordable high-speed internet access for the benefit of our customers. Oscilloquartz’s compact and versatile products played an important role in making this a reality. Being able to rapidly and cost-effectively synchronize small cells empowers us to densify our network and deliver coverage in underserved areas.”

YTL Communications’ new synchronization network is built on the OSA 5410 and OSA 5420 Series, a family of cost-effective, mid-scale synchronization distribution and assurance devices. Following a toolbox approach, this technology can be utilized in a variety of network timing applications, including IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster, boundary clock, slave clock and assisted partial timing support. Engineered for deployment in a wide range of locations, the OSA 5410 and 5420 range enables YTL Communications to efficiently distribute synchronization from the network edge. Integrated Syncjack™ technology, which continually monitors synchronization performance while in service, enhances the robustness of the solution. ADVA’s Malaysian partner Preciso Technology Sdn Bhd also played a key role from conducting PoC trials to supporting the installation.

Our OSA 5410 and 5420 Series remove much of the cost and complexity of small cell deployment, giving YTL Communications the freedom to upgrade synchronization in the parts of the access network that need it. Anil Kumar Reddy, senior director, business development, APAC, Oscilloquartz

“YTL Communications understand that the only way to keep pace with customer demand is by leveraging the latest innovation. With our highly scalable, ultra-precise timing solution, it now has the power to bring 4G LTE and broadband to every corner of Malaysia and offer better quality SLAs to its enterprise clients,” commented Anil Kumar Reddy, senior director, business development, APAC, Oscilloquartz. “What makes our technology ideal for this project is its small footprint and flexibility. Our OSA 5410 and 5420 Series remove much of the cost and complexity of small cell deployment, giving YTL Communications the freedom to upgrade synchronization in the parts of the access network that need it. By working closely with YTL Communications’ team and our partner Preciso Technology Sdn BhdD, we’ve made sure that the transition has been extremely smooth and very successful.”

“As a key distributor of ADVA’s Oscilloquartz solutions in Malaysia, we know all about the value of highly accurate and reliable timing in mission-critical networks. When you’re dealing with precise synchronization, there’s simply no room for error. That's why we've worked closely with YTL Communications every step of the way to ensure that this solution delivers everything it promises and supports the mass rollout of 4G across the country,” said C S Chong, senior manager, Preciso Technology Sdn Bhd. “The OSA 5410 and 5420 range provides next-generation phase and frequency synchronization together with legacy frequency synchronization. This supports a smooth and cost-effective migration from legacy timing to a network that meets the stringent accuracy and reliability requirements of LTE-A, enabling YTL Communications to maximize the value of its existing investments.”

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