The digital service provider (DSP) – are we there yet?

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Dec 12, 2022

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Is the telecom industry where it needs to be right now? Where is the real value in moving away from basic connectivity? Digital services, platforms, technology… where’s the value for telcos? There’s a huge increase in the desire to become a DSP and offer a comprehensive suite of digital services while owning the customer relationship. Yet this is predicated on the rollout of 5G core, which is not proceeding as fast as once thought, and its new capabilities. So what about the platform play? There’s just as much value in owning and controlling the platform and letting partners do the difficult work. And what the heck is a techco?

First Broadcast Live: 8th December 2022


Anita Döhler

CEO, NGMN Alliance

Erez Sverdlov

VP, Cloud and Network Services, Europe, Nokia

Francesca Serravalle

Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Vodafone UK

Justin Paul

Global Head of Telecom Solutions, ServiceNow

Neil McRae

Managing Director of Architecture & Technology Strategy and Chief Architect, BT

Rolf Eberhardt

Head Of Orchestration, Communications Technology Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise