Strategy Outlook: Innovation in the 5G RAN

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Mar 1, 2022

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Strategy Outlook roundtable

As part of TelecomTV’s “Spotlight on 5G” series of programmes, vendors and operators discuss the development of the 5G RAN and give their views and insights on its development. Based on TelecomTV’s coverage of the sector, we’ve identified the key areas generating the most interest amongst our community, and that could impact the strategic choices of telcos and their partners.

Is there a compelling role for mmWave? Can Small Cells really help with 5G densification? When will we see the RIC in 5G networks? And have attitudes to Open RAN evolved? We want to separate the hype from reality - and set out our Strategy Outlook for 5G RAN.


Franz Seiser

Vice President Access Disaggregation, Deutsche Telekom

Geetha Ram

Global Head of Telco Solution Incubations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Gilles Garcia

Senior Director, Business Lead, Wired and Wireless Group, AMD

Randy Cox

Head of Product Management, Intelligent Cloud, Wind River

Shabbir Bagasrawala

Head of Go To Market, Rakuten Symphony