Ageing information and data modelling is holding back NFV

Martyn Warwick
By Martyn Warwick

Jun 3, 2016

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Michael Brenner, SVP, Product Strategy, ClearPath Networks

Top of the current agenda for ClearPath Networks is to make changes to the current but ageing information modelling and data modelling methodologies that currently apply to NFV. Conceived for an earlier age, and fast approaching their sell-by date, they access widely-different information and data models as the industry fragments into a proliferation of different standards and interest groups. As Michael Brenner says, the idea is to overhaul and amend the old models, implement the new ones and make it available to NFV vendors and the NFV user base for them to try out and, hopefully, to apply and use them as a base standard.

Filmed at: NFV World Congress, San Jose, 2016

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