Intent HQ launches AI-guided campaign audience builder – Audience AI – and drives 51% higher marketing uplift for Verizon

Via Businesswire for Intent HQ

Sep 20, 2022

LONDON--()--Intent HQ, the customer AI analytics platform company, launches Audience AI, the first AI-guided dynamic audience builder for telco marketers. Audience AI is designed to help telcos identify new hidden opportunities within their customer base and achieve significantly improved campaign performance. It uses machine learning to find target consumers based on behavioral similarity indicators without needing data scientists or business intelligence (BI) intervention.

Intent HQ believes telco marketers are missing out on many new revenue-generating opportunities because they cannot achieve the right level of relevance when it comes to audience selection. Due to a lack of appropriate tools, campaign building takes too long, and existing practices fail to identify the best audiences for each marketing message. These lead times and suboptimal audience selection lead to missed opportunities, greater opt-outs, and customer brand fatigue. Audience AI was designed to solve these problems.

Audience AI delivers outstanding revenue growth for Verizon Protect campaign.

Audience AI was used by the Verizon consumer marketing team to better target and expand the audiences for Verizon Protect, the company’s leading device insurance product. Protect is offered periodically during time-limited “open enrollment” campaigns and is targeted to customers who had not elected to add Protect at the time of their device purchase.

Audience AI achieved outstanding results for the campaign:

  • 51% incremental take rate from the campaign compared to the existing audience selection model
  • $378k incremental revenue generated

Three key features of Audience AI

As a self-serve audience-building tool for increasing campaign relevancy and ROI, Audience AI offers the following essential features:

Simple. Audience AI has an easy-to-navigate user interface. Any member of the marketing team can feasibly turn around effective campaign audiences without the need for specialist support.

Responsive. Marketing users can query a range of predictive indicators in real-time to identify their target customers.

Audience building has been a complex and time-consuming job that relies upon human intuition supported by data analyst teams. Audience AI makes the process much easier, taking the guesswork out of audience development and saving campaign managers hours of time.

Safe. Audience AI bypasses the need for extensive legal approvals by utilizing the Intent HQ SafeSignal engine to deliver privacy-safe audience data.

How Audience AI works

Audience AI is a machine learning tool that uses behavioral and/or event-based inputs to create an audience ‘seed’. Intent HQ’s proprietary data science algorithms create a viable and relevant campaign audience at a statistically significant scale.

What the industry thinks about Audience AI

Patrick Fagan, Head of Behavioural Science at Kubik Intelligence says, “Audience AI is the only audience creation solution that harnesses the power of machine learning to analyze weblogs and other behavioral data. This allows telco marketers to build targets of behaviorally similar customers that would not otherwise be easily identifiable. Most importantly, it has full consumer privacy baked into the design.”

Andy Herz, Director, Value-Based Marketing at Verizon, says, “We wanted to see if we could take our audience targeting to the next level by leveraging behavioral insights developed with Intent HQ’s platform. Our goal is to create marketing that is so relevant to our customers that they view our messages as helpful suggestions as if we were a friend. Audience AI is helping us do that by giving our marketers fingertip access to human-level insights and making them truly actionable. The results have been exceeding expectations, sometimes by a very wide margin.”

See Audience AI in action at Digital Transformation World.

Intent HQ will launch Audience AI at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen, 20 – 22 September 2022.

Visit booth 249 in the Quad to see this unique martec solution in action.

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