What's up with... burning cell towers, Sir David Attenborough, FedEx & Microsoft

TelecomTV Staff
By TelecomTV Staff

May 18, 2020

via flickr ©  M0les (CC BY-SA 2.0)

via flickr © M0les (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  • Protests and full-blown 5G conspiracy mongering
  • Tower burning and Sir David
  • FedEx and Microsoft team up 
  • Video-on-demand booms


Today's heart (and hand) warming Monday blues chasers are...

  • Take a big, well-established music festival, complete with ‘healing’ tents, alternative therapies and all the rest of it; add 5G-connected Wi-Fi and a dose of pre-event PR on the joys of next gen cellular, and  what do you get? Protests and full-blown conspiracy mongering which eventually runs out of control, ropes in Covid-19 and culminates in burning cell towers. Strange but true. Here’s a story we did earlier... but now there's more!
  • Some say the Covid/5G conspiracy tower-burning started here and spread to the US, like a latter-day ‘British invasion’. Back in the day with Spinal Tap, of course, it was all about those numbers. Today the band would probably explain that 5G involves the simple act of twisting the knob from 4 to 5 to make it 25% more dangerous. When 6G arrives it will be even nastier and clearly twice as bad as 3G. Here’s the full story of the Glastonbury madness and its 5G dread, filed by the BBC’s technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones.
  • More 5G madness. Sir David Attenborough - who has been named the UK's most trustworthy figure multiple times - could convince anti-5G conspiracy theorists their beliefs are BS, say the UK’s Internet service providers. Actually, the crazies would simply add Sir David’s name to the list of collaborators. There’s no winning it. Here’s the story
  • FedEx and Microsoft have today announced a new multiyear collaboration to help transform commerce by combining the global digital and logistics network of FedEx with Microsoft’s intelligent cloud with the goal of enhancing any business’s visibility of  its supply chain.
  • Video on Demand is booming as consumers turn to SVoD services to fill increased viewing hours. And Disney is on track to to soon pass Amazon’s Prime Video viewership, and close the gap on first-place Netflix towards the end of 2025.Get all the details in this executive summary.
  • Franz Anton Beckenbauer sprang to mind today as we caught sight of a new partnership between managed WiFi systems specialist AirTies and Sweepr. But alas, this wasn’t news that a smart Wireless LAN company was sitting behind front the back four and operating in a “Libero” mode but, instead, an announcement that AirTies has signed up Irish home network management specialist Sweepr to be part of its squad. For more details on this mid-season signing, check out this announcement.

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