Syniverse adopts VMware on IBM Cloud to meet customers mobile service needs

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Sep 1, 2017

Syniverse Mobile Context

Innovative financial services companies aren’t waiting for customers to visit a branch or a website. Banks, credit unions, brokerages, insurers, and credit card issuers know that customers are increasingly looking to use mobile, and that they need consistent, seamless touch points in their daily lives. The more that financial services companies can meet these needs with more personalized mobile services, the more these companies can enhance their customer satisfaction, customer retention strategies and account growth. Syniverse can address these needs with mobile banking solutions that can help financial companies to capitalize on customer data and deliver customized experiences across multiple mobile channels.

Improve Customer Acquisition

Life of a Mobile Enabled Account Holder

Infographic: Life of a Mobile Enabled Account Holder

New business is a top priority for all financial services companies, but generating new accounts is only the beginning. Acquisition is a continuous process, and mobile provides a powerful platform to provide contextually-based sales and service messages to customers. Using mobile, companies can nurture both new and current relationships by communicating targeted offers and notifications to the right customers at the right time. With more and more customers using mobile for everyday interactions, it’s a medium that offers tremendous opportunity for the cultivation of relationships and the growth of revenue. Learn More About Our Solutions

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Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Blog Post: Three Takeaways from Syniverse’s ‘Mapping the Mobile-First Customer Journey' Webinar

Loyalty and trust are principal concerns for financial services companies. At the same time, customers are looking to make greater use of mobile in their financial management needs. For this reason, demonstrated mobile capabilities can be a key growth driver and have an impact on successful retention strategies. In this way, mobile can help financial services providers move beyond basic transactional interactions to deliver real-time, personalized experiences and to present differentiated offerings that build long-term loyalty. Learn More About Our Solutions

See How We Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Increase Revenue

Simplifying Mobile for Enterprises

Mobile provides one of the most influential channels for financial enterprises to profitably maximize the value of customer relationships. At a time when a majority of customer interaction involves balance inquiries or transaction updates, expanding the level and quality of relevant engagements can lead to better cross-selling opportunities. The key is to ensure that real-time insight and contextually-based information are applied, so that customers can receive marketing messages that both inform and prompt immediate action. Learn More About Our Solutions

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Reduce Operational Costs

Financial services providers today face increasing pressure to better manage service quality and costs in markets where product and price no longer provide a clear advantage. Customers seek and expect more convenience, accessibility, and personalization across different channels. Traditionally, providers have used branches, ATMs, call centers, and websites to interact with customers. But now they are investing in mobile solutions that deliver more direct and contextually-based engagements that balance service and cost. Learn More About Our Solutions

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Mitigate Fraud

Partnering with MasterCard on Mobile Context

Mobile has revolutionized commerce and communication. At the same time, however, mobile fraud has grown to present a threat to financial enterprises and their customers. And with an increasing number of data breaches and identity theft incidents, fraud has become a topic that’s the getting the attention of businesses and governments, as well as the media and the public. As a result, mobile protection is an area that has emerged as the basis for providing transactional integrity and assurance.. By helping ensure data accuracy and safety, mobile protection solutions can ensure the reliable delivery of messages and seamless mobile engagement. Learn More About Our Solutions

See How We Mitigate Fraud

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