Irdeto launches next-generation of cloakware software protection

Via Irdeto Press Releases

Jul 26, 2017

Enhanced solution provides premiere protection against cyberattacks for the world’s largest and most innovative brands

LAS VEGAS, BLACK HAT - 26 July 2017: Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, has announced the launch of its next-generation Cloakware™ Software Protection solution. Designed for the world’s largest and most innovative brands, the solution provides resilient and durable protection against cyberattacks. Cloakware Software Protection combines cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, libraries and tools that enable organizations to customize the protection of their valuable digital assets. The solution, which is used by some of the world’s biggest technology brands, now offers Irdeto’s unique combination of program code and data protection, a customizable architecture and new language-independent support (currently JavaScript, Web Assembly, Objective C and Swift). Combined with binary protections, function and control flow transformations, runtime application self-protection (RASP), application shielding as well as whitebox cryptography, the solution protects code and data from hackers attempting to nullify security and alter program functionality. These techniques provide security-savvy organizations with the very best in renewable software security designed to adapt quickly as industries evolve.

“Businesses today are living in a software-defined world,” said Jaco Du Plooy, Vice President of Cloakware, Irdeto. “While the implementation of software and IoT technologies provide organizations with the flexibility to innovate, they also introduce a number of vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers on a daily basis. It is critical for businesses to have a robust and dynamically renewable cybersecurity strategy that protects software and endpoint devices from tampering or reverse engineering. Cloakware Software Protection provides the very best deep layer software security in the industry and is used by some of the largest organizations on the planet to protect their core assets and data day after day.”

Businesses today rely on software to conduct day-to-day operations. However, software is inherently vulnerable, providing hackers with an easy entry point to execute various attacks, including ransomware, malware injections, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, Man-at-the-End attacks and others. From media & entertainment organizations, to the automotive industry and any business with IoT devices, each rely on optimal security to protect their brand, revenue and intellectual property from these attacks. Cloakware Software Protection secures digital assets by concealing proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys. Once protected, these applications can be safely deployed on untrusted hosts and in hostile environments such as mobile and IoT endpoint devices.

Cloakware’s security techniques provide application protection through sophisticated data, function and control flow transformations, anti-debug, whitebox cryptography and active integrity verification. Cloakware Software Protection integrates these security techniques into the customer’s software build process, thereby embedding application protection directly at the source code level.

Combining patented technologies and services, the Irdeto Cloakware suite of products enables brands and developers to protect their application code against reverse engineering, tampering and automated attacks. Irdeto’s Cloakware solutions provide a highly effective, multi-layered and tunable approach to software protection that is future-proof and relies on 20 years of proven success. Cloakware technology forms the basis for several innovative Irdeto solutions like Cloaked CA and ActiveCloak that are currently being used by multiple Irdeto customers, including Stofa, HorizonSAT, GOBX, ORS, RCS & RDS, MEDIA BROADCAST and many others.

Irdeto will showcase its unique Cloakware Software Protection solution at Black Hat from July 26-27. To learn more, please stop by our Black Hat booth (#1960) for a demo and visit:

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