Fujitsu Introduces VELCOUN-X Software to Effectively Leverage ICT Platforms

Via Fujitsu Press Releases

Jun 11, 2015

Tokyo, June 11, 2015

Fujitsu today announced the introduction of FUJITSU Network VELCOUN-X, an software-defined networking (SDN(1) ) controller that builds optimized network environments for hybrid cloud networks. This new product is available from today only in Japan.

VELCOUN-X is software that runs on Linux servers. By bringing visualization to a system's overall network environment, including virtualized platforms and non-virtualized platforms, such as physical networks, the software makes operations and management more efficient and reduces time spent changing settings by 90%. It enables visualization of traffic within the system and device utilization to avoid work stoppages and risks to business continuity through quick detection, analysis, and handling of issues and external attacks.

Fujitsu is adding a new SDN integration service in the form of the existing FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Network-LCM Service that has been enhanced by the adding support from installation to operations for SDN compatible networks. There is also a wide-area network service and a multi-cloud compatible connection service that are both scheduled for launch this fiscal year, and will support the deployment of higher-quality SDN technology.

This product is part of Fujitsu's ongoing commitment to support public clouds, private clouds, and integrated management for on-premise physical and virtual networks, and to reduce the workload in enterprise system operations.

VELCOUN-X will be exhibited at Interop Tokyo 2015, running June 10-12 at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture).


In recent years hybrid cloud services which combine the security of private clouds with the flexibility of public clouds are becoming established in the mainstream. This has led to deployments of server-virtualization technology becoming more common, and helps businesses optimize resource allocation of virtual platforms, use their ICT assets more effectively, and reduce operational workloads. However, as systems running on virtual platforms change frequently in line with shifting business practices, it can become impossible to keep pace with adding or setting up a network's non-virtual side, resulting in a bottleneck, and creating the problem of not being able to fully utilize resources.

Now, using SDN technology, Fujitsu has created integrated network management for mixed ICT platforms that combine virtual and non-virtual aspects, and is now selling enterprise network solutions that can make fast connections between cloud and on-premise resources.

VELCOUN-X Features

VELCOUN-X is software that runs on Linux servers. It is a SDN controller that connects with operations management software for private cloud platforms and virtualization environment management software. It presents on a single screen a graphical interface for complete systems that include non-virtual resources, including physical networks, and quickly effects network-connection changes based on server allocation. It provides functions for controlling and managing network devices such as switches, firewalls, and load balancers, and can make batched additions or changes to settings for physical networks and virtual networks inside an organization.

The software is open and so has the flexibility to connect to hardware from other companies, while requiring no special hardware of its own. This means it is easy to use as an add-on to existing networks and enables good business continuity because no network hardware will be affected even in the event of a software failure.

These features can be used to automatically design and build well-optimized business systems and cloud services that are based on a company's cost benefit and current resources.


In connection with VELCOUN-X, Fujitsu plans to develop a series of integration services for SDN-based solutions, managed services that make management and operations of enterprise wide-area networks more efficient, and services that make templates for network environments that interconnect different kinds of clouds, to deliver the best possible network environments for its customers' businesses.

SDN Compatible Network-LCM Service

In conjunction with the launch of VELCOUN-X, Network-LCM Service which offers planning, design, and maintenance compatible with network operations, as a one-stop support and total solution, has been expanded to include SDN compatible networking. In addition to support for deployment to operations of SDN compatible networks, individual applications can be developed in response to the needs of customers.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and AvailabilitySoftware TitlePricing (excl. tax)AvailabilityFUJITSU Network VELCOUN-XFrom 300,000 yenJune 30 (Only available in Japan)FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Network -LCM ServiceBy quoteJune 30 (Only available in Japan)

Sales Targets

JPY 300 billion for SDN-related business by end of fiscal 2017 (Fujitsu's fiscal year ends the last day of March)

Operating Environments

Server:Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (64-bit)Client:Windows 7 Professional SP1 (32-bit)

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