ADTRAN sets the nation’s communities on the path to gigabit transformation

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Jun 20, 2016

Utilities, MSOs and land developers deliver Gigabit broadband to over 350 communities

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 20, 2016-- ADTRAN®, Inc., (NASDAQ:ADTN), a leading provider of next-generation open networking solutions, today announced that it has seen a record growth in the rise of Gigabit service delivery for every type of service provider including utilities, multiple system operators (MSOs), land developers and incumbent and competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) providers. In total, over 350 communities have leveraged the ADTRAN Gigabit services architecture for better connectivity at home, school and work. While providing Gigabit broadband has typically been a service associated with the incumbent carriers, non-traditional operators have recently seized the opportunity to empower communities and drive economic growth.

One such provider who has stepped up to meet the needs of their community is the Guadalupe Valley Electric Co-op (GVAC). >"Being located in a rural area, basic internet connectivity options were limited, much less high-speed Gigabit broadband. Our members and businesses were at a disadvantage without access to the ultra-fast broadband required to navigate today’s technology-driven economy,” said Tad Vernor with GVEC. “By partnering with ADTRAN, we were able to expand our traditional utility offerings to fill the connectivity void in many of the communities in our region—something that would have been unheard of a few years ago. At the end of the day, our members are more concerned with whether or not they have access to much-needed high-speed connectivity as opposed to who is providing it. Having the ability to work with ADTRAN to step up and offer that vital connectivity piece for our local businesses and members has been a catalyst to the limitless economic opportunities available to our communities.”

In addition to its ongoing work with traditional Tier 1, 2 and 3 carriers, ADTRAN has also worked with non-traditional providers to help leverage Gigabit services to help communities transform, grow and connect:

  • Utility: GVEC took its utilities offering to the next level for many of its South Central Texas residents when the previous broadband infrastructure provider was unable to deliver high-speed connectivity to support the regions’ manufacturing hub and food-related industries—featuring a growing number of Fortune 500 companies and big name culinary leaders. By taking the route less traveled and directly offering Gigabit broadband services, GVEC was able to provide communities with the connectivity backbone to support its residential and business needs. Moving forward, GVEC has plans to expand its Gigabit offerings to additional areas in its South Central Texas region.
  • MSO: Though a major metropolitan city, Houston did not have access to Gigabit broadband. enTouch, a communication company that provides broadband services to residential and commercial customers in the Houston metroplex, recognized the benefits of being the first to offer the high-speed Internet to residential customers in the city. The company now offers Internet, cable and phone bundles that enable Houston residents up to 1Gig speed to enjoy online streaming, gaming and movie and photo downloads with no lag time.
  • Land Developer: Though it is located just outside of Chattanooga, the first Gigabit-enabled city in the U.S., land developer Thunder Enterprises was unable to access Gigabit broadband for its newest residential community, Jasper Highlands , in Kimball, Tennessee. The state’s broadband regulations, coupled with the inability to get any service provider to commit to delivering connectivity to Jasper Highland’s 2,000-foot mountaintop community at a reasonable price point, forced the land developer to consider the option of fulfilling its own connectivity needs in the development. The gated, mountaintop community boasts spacious lots, scenic views, beautiful homes and now, its own private Gigabit infrastructure. By utilizing ADTRAN’s broadband platform and partnering with North Alabama Electric Cooperative and Tennessee-based Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative, the privately-owned land developer created its own on-site service provider, Hi-Tech Data, to ensure that Jasper Highlands was outfitted with the necessary high-speed connectivity to serve its community.
  • CLEC: Advanced Communications Technology, Inc. (ACT), a regional and local fiber optic network provider in Sheridan, Wyo., looked to upgrade its outdated local access network to stimulate economic development in its service area. The company realized the Sheridan business community demanded the latest in next-generation services; therefore, ACT upgraded to a 10 Gigabit network in order to future-proof the network to support continued advancements in technology. Today, ACT is able to deliver ultra-fast broadband speeds to its customers, fostering the innovation required for its communities to thrive and grow in competitive markets. The service provider is helping create a booming business corridor and more vibrant community for residents to work and play.

“The broadband carrier landscape is undoubtedly evolving. In a relatively short amount of time, ADTRAN has seen people refuse to be limited by their geographic location and go above and beyond to ensure their communities, from rural Tennessee to Alaska, have the same economic opportunities as their urban counterparts,” said Mitch Fleming, vice president, service provider sales, ADTRAN. “Between advances in healthcare, education, land development and telecommunications technology, more communities across the country now have the broadband infrastructure and resources available to thrive economically. While initially considered unconventional, these various types of carriers have quickly proven that they are becoming integral players in delivering the Gigabit broadband that is transforming communities across the U.S.”

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