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Posted By The Network Integrator, 22 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
Tags: Wireless HOW TO RISE ABOVE THE MOBILE DATA STORM Alcatel-Lucent ebook

Profit from growing demand for mobile broadband.

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Rise above the mobile data storm is all about guiding mobile service providers (MSPs) through the fundamental network changes required to compete long term in mobile broadband. The mobile market presents tremendous opportunities for those operators who successfully transform their networks to compete in the volatile mobile broadband market. To successfully achieve this transformation operators must:

  • Implement solutions that are capable of adapting to the diverse demands of broadband users to deliver superior quality of experience (QoE) to consumers.
  • Optimize the network architecture to improve overall mobile broadband performance.
  • Utilize modular and scalable platforms that are capable of delivering the economic performance demanded by mobile broadband.


With Alcatel-Lucent lightRadio™ network solutions, mobile broadband operators can embrace 4G LTE, Small Cells and lightRadio Wi-Fi® for a holistic approach to the network — one that delivers far more bandwidth while making mobile broadband affordable to the mass market and the service provider.


Benefits abound

Alcatel-Lucent lightRadio™ network solutions have been designed to support the explosive demand for mobile broadband. The lightRadio architecture leverages Bell Labs innovations to deliver a scalable and flexible network. It is shown to offer over 50% reduction in TCO compared to legacy converged RAN platforms. These gains come from the use of small cells in the architecture, large reductions in civil and site rental costs due to lightRadio’s small footprint; and improved operational costs due to the modularity, scalability and flexibility of the lightRadio platforms and management capabilities.


Above and beyond the benefits to operators and their customers, lightRadio offers a green solution that reduces electrical power consumption by up to 35% and reduces the proliferation of unsightly electronics on the top of buildings.


In a nut shell — lightRadio delivers a solution for the bottom line, the community and the environment.


Are you ready to rise above the mobile data storm?

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