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Iusacell Enlace Launches Personalized Enterprise Services

Posted By David Deans, 15 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (1)
Tags: Cisco Iusacell mexico ASR 9000 Carrier Ethernet enterprise

Cisco announced that Iusacell Enlace, a company from Grupo Iusacell, has deployed the Cisco ASR 9000 Series along with Cisco Prime Network Management Suite in their core network to launch Red Unica.

Red Unica is a new telecommunication solution that delivers enhanced high-speed fixed services, allowing each enterprise customer to be responsible for building their own telecom service according to their needs and topology.


The ASR 9000 will provide Iusacell's customers with the capacity to receive new-generation services in a high-resiliency network, with a carrier-class service level agreement (SLA) and with a unique convergence of Carrier Ethernet, mobile and residential triple play. Iusacell Enlace network will be optimized for video and mobile services over converged wireline and wireless next generation networks.


"The Cisco ASR 9000 Series technology potentiates the current coverage and allows Iusacell Enlace's 11,000 kilometers of fiber optic footprint through the main cities all over México, to be optimized to offer perfection, maximizing flexibility, availability and security, in addition to pave the way for a new generation of networks, completely personalized under the highest standards of quality", said Javier Sanchez Miranda, Commercial Director of Iusacell Enlace.


He added, “Now customers can enjoy complete freedom in building their telecommunications services according to their needs, just like a tailored suit. They can decide which services they need, as well as to design their own premises equipment."


“Cisco is very pleased that Iusacell Enlace has selected the ASR 9000 Series for its next generation network”, said Rogelio Velasco, vice president of Cisco México. “This would facilitate their preparation to address a future-capacity network that Isacell’s customers will be requiring regarding video, mobile and cloud computing services.”


"Red Única" is available in more than 40 cities in Mexico, ready to feature the needs of major businesses sectors such as financial, government, healthcare, retail, and contact center services. “Red Unica” customers will be able to design the specific telecommunication characteristics according to their needs, building upon a state-of-the-art network for voice, data, Wi-Fi and video, using a bandwidth services from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps according to their requirements, in a network that protect their information through firewall, IDS / IPS or IP Sec / 3 Des.


Iusacell Enlace continues revolutionizing the telecommunications market, delivering tailor-made solutions, offering FTTH for the first time, and now deploying one of the best infrastructure for the enterprise market as well as offering reliable service to build telecom solutions such as the cloud services and others running with broadband Internet service including CRM, Exchange email, virtual service and electronic billing.


A Platform for Tailored Business Solutions

  • The Cisco ASR 9000 Series can serve as the foundational baseline for next-generation Carrier Ethernet networks, providing up to 96 terabits (Tbps) per system.  It is specifically designed to give network operators the flexibility to offer new services by providing a strong foundation for 4G mobile Internet, business-class Ethernet, and residential video and broadband services and applications
  • The Cisco ASR 9000 Series is a true carrier-class solution. It features the modular, microkernel-based Cisco IOS XR Software operating system, comprehensive system redundancy, and a full complement of network resiliency schemes. It also offers a unique service- and application-level intelligence that focuses on optimized video delivery and mobile Internet.
    • Fueled by Cisco's advanced nV (Network Virtualization) technology, which intelligently blends the network edge, aggregation and access layers into a single 96 Tbps system, the Cisco ASR 9000 Series allows service providers to dramatically increase network capacity and accelerate IPv6 services. These platforms will also enable service providers to cost-effectively converge and manage residential, business and mobile services with unmatched simplicity through virtual capabilities and resource sharing.
    • Cisco Prime products deliver next-generation management by supporting an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience and integrated lifecycle operations across Cisco architectures, technologies, and networks. Cisco Prime helps IT organizations to:


  • Simplify network management
  • Improve operations efficiency
  • Deliver predictable services


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