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Comverse Launches Netcentrex Open Media Platform (OMP)

Comverse Launches Netcentrex Open Media Platform (OMP)

Posted By Comverse, 12 May 2009 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Comverse, the world's leading supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communication and billing services, today announced the launch of the new version of its Comverse Netcentrex Open Media Platform (OMP), an advanced, fully-featured, standards-based media platform combining Intelligent Peripheral and Media Resource Function (MRF) capabilities on the same platform.

An Intelligent Peripheral (also known as the Specialized Resource Function or SRF) is located in the service provider’s core network and provides all the resources required for applications such as network announcements, prepaid calling cards, wireless Centrex (virtual PBX), toll free numbers and wake up calls, plus advanced features such as speech recognition, text-to-speech and VoiceXML script execution.

The OMP is an ideal replacement solution for aging Intelligent Peripherals and provides a first step in the migration to an IMS network, with an IMS Media Resource Function (MRF) on the same platform. The IMS MRF is the media resource involved in all interactive voice and video communication services in IMS networks.

“Operators who need to replace Intelligent Peripherals seek a flexible solution that will reduce maintenance costs while evolving with their needs in terms of network architecture, IMS migration and features,” cited Brian Partridge, Director of Enabling Technologies Service Provider Group of Yankee Group Research. “Most Intelligent Peripherals are expensive to operate and complicated to update which has created demand for solutions built on open platform architectures using standards-based hardware and software and which support advanced features like text to speech, speech recognition or VoiceXML script execution.”

“Many Intelligent Peripherals were deployed over a decade ago as proprietary systems, and are reaching end-of-life. Others lack the features required for today’s increasingly sophisticated communication networks,” commented John Bunyan, Comverse Chief Marketing Officer. “We are in the process of deploying the OMP SRF/MRF with two leading European operators. With OMP they seamlessly enriched their Intelligent Network with advanced features like speech recognition, text-to-speech and VoiceXML script execution and in addition, with the combined MRF functions on the same platform, they secure their investment and reduce operating costs.”

OMP is a carrier-class solution with full network connectivity for PSTN, PLMN and IMS networks. The platform is also highly scalable making it suitable for deployments of all sizes and uses field-proven technologies that are a result of 15 years’ experience in VoIP and IN network solutions and deployments.

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