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The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M Channel charts the development of what's expected to be a booming market within the next 5 years. Up to now connectivity has been about connecting people, but lowering connectivity costs and ubiquitous networks mean it's now become viable to connect whole categories of device to the network.Sponsor
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Cisco at TelcoTV 2009

Cisco is sponsoring the Pre-Conference Workshop on Tuesday from 9 am to 12pm, bringing experts to discuss and demonstrate IPTV.

Real. Tested. Proven. -- Cisco’s IPTV Solution for Telcos

You’ve seen everyone’s PowerPoint slides, now it’s time to see the reality. Experience the only IPTV solution that is truly end-to-end, the solution that has been independently tested as uniquely the best , and the one deployed at Telcos today.


It’s time to watch actual demonstrations of IPTV applications, and hear Telco’s describe their experience with a solution that is generating revenue for their business today . Plus, you can be the first to see Cisco’s new and exciting user interface. You are invited to see all this, and more, at our Workshop.

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Event Location
Exhibition & Conference
10 November 2009 : 09:00:00 /
10 November 2009 : 12:00:00
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, United States
Posted by David Deans - Cisco
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Attending: 2 people
Sales & Marketing Management, bech2000 - United States
Other, Cisco - United States
Tags: TelcoTV 2009 Cisco IPTV Video medianet TV workshop