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Is the Raspberry Pi the missing piece in the M2M jigsaw puzzle?

Filmed at on 25 January 2013 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: M2M IoT raspberry pi Linux

It's the Susan Boyle of the IT world. The $35 Linux computer has unexpectedly turned in what Raspberry Pi Foundation's Eben Upton calls a "two orders magnitude demand surprise" - one million units in the first year.  What was intended as a cost-effective educational tool has taken off with its own download store and fast-growing apps ecosystem. Best of all, it may have arrived just in time to service the burgeoning M2M market with just what it needs: a low-powered, low-cost, small footprint, high functioning, programmable control unit. 

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(1) 25 January 2013 17:25:49 by Matthew Bailey

Delightful interview about an enabling and transformative technology that could impact economies globally