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Promoting pre-paid broadband

Filmed at Paris, France on 12 July 2011 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: Broadband Africa Wireless cloud business models

Intel believes everyone should have access to computer technology, and to achieve this goal the industry should look at the mobile sector. With most of the recent mobile growth being in pre-paid, would this also work for PCs? The proposed model, which is just starting to attract interest in Africa, is to offer low-cost PCs with some essential bundled software together with an amount of pre-paid broadband, to enable access to Cloud-based applications.

Featuring: John Davies, VP World Ahead Program, Intel

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(1) 25 August 2011 07:30:33 by Imtiaz Ahmed

Respected All,
It time for tablet and touch screen devices that eliminate keyboard & mouse device,that can keep in pocket, i would say if companies develop solar power energy device and long lasting battery.

Imtiaz Ahmed