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Can Android Save Motorola? Exclusive look at Dext

Filmed at London, England on 18 September 2009 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: Android Motorola Dext MotoBlur

Motorola is back! Leila Makki attends the UK launch to find out if Dext, its Android powered phone, and MotoBlur, a new UI, will help the once-RAZR sharp company get back on its feet. Watch the video to find out more.


Satchwell, Marketing Director, Motorola
Ewan MacLeod, Founder, Mobile Industry Review 3.0
Sue Forbes, VP - Cloud Services. Motorola
Ilicco Elia, Mobile Products Manager, Thomson Reuters
Mat Sears, Head of Communications, Orange

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(1) 17 September 2009 15:04:27 by Ewan MacLeod

Thanks for asking me to participate Leila! Excellent vid!