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Main Agenda at MWC: Is it time to push for standard M2M protocols?

Filmed at on 06 March 2012 | Posted Over 6 months
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Key to the way mobile M2M will develop is the direction taken by the SIM. It’s played a key role in connecting people but it arguably needs to change if it’s really going to tackle ‘things’. How should the SIM evolve – should it become completely soft? How should it be regulated on a global basis? Should non-telcos continue to be admitted to the fold? What are the dangers inherent in moving away from the SIM model we have at the moment.


- Nigel Upton, Director, Targeted Innovation, Communications & Media Solutions, HP;

- Gilli Coston, Head of M2M, Telefonica;

- Julian Hardy, CEO at Eseye Global AG.

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(1) 20 March 2012 09:30:16 by Vikas Chanani

Completely agree with the panel. It is still early to push for standard M2M Protocols.
We have to solve the M2M puzzle first keeping 3Cs in mind:
- Creating solutions that make sense for Customers by Customizing them across verticals.
- Collaboration for partners and an evolved M2M Ecosystem
- Connectivity for the networked society of tomorrow