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The Main Agenda: Diagnosing the potential for mHealth

Filmed at Mobile World Congress 2011, Barcelona, Spain on 14 February 2011 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: mHealth health tele-medicine vertical markets Healthcare networks

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s 5 billion mobile subscriptions are in emerging economies. mHealth, or the use of mobile devices for health purposes, can help governments, corporations, NGOs and citizens to deliver, access and use health information to promote well being, combat disease, and respond to medical emergencies. But what is the real potential for mHealth? Will it develop into a sustainable business in its own right, or will it merely be an add-on for existing healthcare providers? Will it lead to technological advances? What will the value-chain look like, and who will be involved in the eco-system? The panel aims to define the true meaning and role of mHealth.

David Aylward, Executive Director, mHealth Alliance
Steve Hope, Project & Business Development Manager, Docobo (Healthcare technology device provider)
David Haight, VP Business Development Emerging Devices Organisation, AT&T

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