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Talking Telecoms: Codgertations week-ending 9th July 2010

Filmed at London Wall Studios, London UK on 12 July 2010 | Posted Over 6 months
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Tags: Nokia Smartphones femto Femtocells operators cloud Dynamo Green Green Power Charger

Codgertations has been specially designed as part of a palliative care programme for industry veterans (old codgers) Martyn Warwick and Ian Scales who, with the caring assistance of the occasional guest codger, cogitate and ruminate on the week's best, worst and most amusing stories in telecoms.

This week, Ian and Martyn 'codgertate' over Femtos and the possible solution of network collaboration; Warwick vs Nokia strikes again as the handset vendor sees the light; headlines in the cloud - UK national newspaper the Telegraph provides the perfect cloud model and Soccet & See - a football story to make Matron (and Martyn!) smile.

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(1) 12 July 2010 16:07:59 by georgia thomas

Banks charge exorbitant fees for allowing 'foreigners ' to use the ATM machines more gouging...