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Recession? Was that a recession?

Posted By TelecomTV Futures Survey , 10 February 2011 | 1 Comments | (1)
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We've just published our latest Global Mobile Survey: confidence is back, user generated content will drive everything and operators must charge users for the traffic they generate. By Ian Scales.


This is our third survey and while most of the answers we've elicited from our readers and viewers have been pretty consistent over the past three years, the most marked wobble has been over confidence (Download the pdf and read the full survey).

In 2008 we asked about views on overall industry capital expenditure  -  up, down or sideways? The readers and viewers then came back with a strong 'up', with 43% predicting increases and only 16% decreases.  The position reversed the next year with the realisation that the global economy had plunged into recession thanks to the banking crisis.
The important thing is that by 2010, we were back on track.  In fact 47% are now expecting Capex increases.

This year much of the difficulty our readers and viewers think their industry faces is to do with being somewhat too popular. Smartphone use may soon be causing network congestion in many developed economies with more people buying smartphones and consuming more apps and data in the process than expected.

That most of the apps stores are in third party hands also presents a long-term strategic problem for operators:  how do they fight back against the Apple and Google app stores?

The majority of our respondents didn’t favour the idea that operators must ‘fight back’ and wrest control back from the handset vendors, although a full quarter favoured developing the carrier app store further.

But the key message was that operators end  the ‘all you can eat’ approach to data plans and capitalise on the smartphone boom by selling more bandwidth for more money.

Download TelecomTV Futures Global Mobile Survey.

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(1) 10 February 2011 14:40:27 by TelecomTV Futures Survey

Thanks for this insight! Always good to have some trends! I'm looking forward reading the 2011 edition!