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Telefónica Digital beefs up municipal smart cities offering

Posted By TelecomTV One , 15 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Sees town councils as key players in the formation of a smart city M2M ecosystem. By I.D. Scales.

Telefónica has used this week's Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona to highlight its integrated approach to developing smart city infrastructure. It says it's crafted a new offer to allow municipal corporations (but also not forgetting other players like metropolitan service providers) to pull together a single, scalable M2M solution platform using M2M sensor technology and its various connectivity solutions, like the cellular connectivity offered through O2. 
The idea is that entrepreneurial specialists will then build new applications and business models on top of the platform.
Telefónica Digital fleshed out the types of new business models that could naturally be targetted by a municipal-based M2M platform: there is US-based smart parking offering Streetline which, as the name suggests, provides smart parking services. Its 'Parker' offering in the US is described as the first real-time parking guidance application for smartphones and in-car navigation systems -  it lets drivers find a parking space quickly without circling and generating carbon. Telefónica is offering Streetline's Smart Parking solutions to its Smart City customers.
Telefonica has also done a deal with wireless sensor specialist, Libelium. The partnership will allow integrators to create M2M applications using the technology on the smart city platform. 
So far, Telefónica says, its smart city portfolio boasts 27 applications including environmental and agricultural monitoring, traffic management and smart parking.

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