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Defenestration by Serge via Wikimedia Commons

Blink and it's over: Microsoft's Windows boss defenestrated

Posted By TelecomTV One , 13 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live President, Steven Sinofsky has been pushed in the wake of the underwhelming Windows 8 launch. By Ian Scales.

Yesterday (Monday, 12 November) evening Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer announced that long-serving lieutenant, Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows division and seer-through of the recent Windows 8 was - job done - to leave his post and Microsoft to enable Ballmer to re-align the Windows division to be more responsive and quicker on its product cycle times..  and more, er, aligned.


To re-use the catch-phrase of a famous UK TV quiz-master, Sinofsky's performance  "was good, but it wasn't right", and all the usual "mutual decision...  would like to thank Steve for all his work..

blah blah," has just been rolled out smooth Sinofsky's sudden departure, just a few weeks after the Windows 8 launch and just before the organisation hunkers down to plot the next phase.


There is also the usual talk of there having been friction between Ballmer and Sinofsky, though given Ballmer's management style and personality it's safe to assume that any shouty exchanges were probably just "life as normal" in the Microsoft executive suite. 


The truth is that In the wake of a bit of a "so what" Windows 8 launch (none of those old queues around the block and general over-excitement) and despite all the effort, Ballmer's Microsoft isn't yet 'delighting' its customers with its new core, make-or-break software and services and nothing less will do.  He's going to try someone else in the key job who might have the magic touch. 


That someone is Julie Larson-Green who is an internal promotion and will be in charge of hardware and software for Windows, reporting directly to Ballmer.

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