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The Big Conversation: let's define some M2M/IoT boundaries

Posted By TelecomTV One , 07 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
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What's M2M? What's internet of things? Which types of devices and companies can we count in? Do we rule any out? Who will play? What roles will they take?

So much to talk about, but here's the idea: We use our video, published on the TelecomTV M2M channel, to ask a few interesting questions and raise some issues in and around the above M2M boundaries topic.

You join in by commenting in the comments box below the screen or even (if you prefer) by emailing me at

Then in the next programme we ask more questions stimulated by those questions and introduce new issues as they're raised with us. 




This is our 'kick-off' programme and some of the issues that we've raised are:


Who will become service providers?


How far will the market open up?


How can we go from point solutions to strategic deployments?


Can we include smartphone apps?


What's the role for local government?


What role should telcos play?


And, anything else M2M'ish you want to raise. Just comment in the box provided below the video screen or go old fashioned and write a letter -  to

Watch below

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The Big Conversation: let's define some M2M/IoT boundaries