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Alcatel-Lucent signals the future of rail with LTE

Posted By The Network Integrator , 20 September 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rail operators have long relied on communications infrastructure to run trains safely and on time. With faster trains, new ‘driverless’ networks, and increased competition from other modes of transport, operators are facing new challenges. To attract and retain customers and increase profitability they need to reduce operating costs, offer attractive new services and most importantly ensure the safety and security on all passenger and freight lines.


In order to meet these challenges, communications networks need to support the transfer of even greater volumes of data in much faster times, placing huge pressure on existing communications systems. As a result rail operators are turning to today’s commercial mobile broadband and all-Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks for the answer.


Learning from Commercial LTE deployments


Alcatel-Lucent’s 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband technology is being rolled out in more than 80 commercial networks across the globe. LTE, supported by IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) solutions, offers the ability to deliver high-quality voice as well as huge amounts of high-bandwidth video and data services across one converged network. This allows operators to maximize efficiencies as they meet subscribers’ ever-growing needs.


LTE and IP/MPLS have the potential to transform rail with the ability to deliver huge amounts of data at lightning fast speeds. This means that central operations can conduct surveillance, signalling and analytics functions in real time. Ground-to-train communications is made easier and information systems can provide passengers with data when they need it. Wireless broadband and cloud capabilities will enhance passenger connectivity and enable delivery of a range of new services.


Researching a smart, sustainable system


Alcatel-Lucent has extensive experience in delivering 4G LTE and IP-MPLS solutions to meet the commercial and mission-critical data needs of many industries. We are committed to developing technologies that address sustainability, efficiency and business growth.

Having already delivered to more than 80 mission-critical rail networks around the world, we are continuing to develop new innovations for rail. Notable projects include systems for New York City Transit, Canadian Pacific Railway, Shanghai Rail Transit, Adif Spain, Eurotunnel, Paris Metro and many more.


Underlining the growing importance of communications technologies, Alcatel-Lucent has become the first telecommunications member of the European rail industry association, UNIFE. Here we will use our strengths in developing communications technologies for the rail industry to lead working groups that address today’s challenges, with LTE becoming a main focus.


We are also investigating the development of communications technologies for rail use in Spain. Here we are working with railway infrastructure administrator, Adif to improve the efficiency of high-speed train travel and delivery of passenger communications using both LTE and GSM-R systems over a converged IP-MPLS network.


See Alcatel-Lucent’s innovations for rail at InnoTrans 2012


Alcatel-Lucent’s latest innovations will bring even more advantages to the rail industry. lightRadio™ technology has advanced the wireless network architecture from the RAN to the packet core, enabling delivery of lightning-fast, high-bandwidth data with lower power-consumption and costs, a smaller footprint and greater flexibility in terms of deployment and signal penetration. At InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin, we are demonstrating our latest rail industry innovations including:

  • A live 4G LTE mobile broadband network supporting signalling, ground-to-train communications, surveillance, and analytics services.
  • Innovative applications such augmented reality, geo-fencing, mobile payment and location services to enhance the journey for passengers.
  • A new interactive multimedia board for operations centers, combining voice and data communications through a touch screen interface to enhance real-time team collaboration.
  • Operational applications to improve maintenance and staff communication through a wireless network.


Visit Alcatel-Lucent booth 133 – hall 4.1 at InnoTrans from 18 to 21 Sept. 2012, in Berlin and learn more about Alcatel-Lucent’s Dynamic Communication Solutions for Railways.

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